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It has been a long time I never indulge myself with delicious food after the lunch with Chingie in Piccolo Mondo. Firstly, no kaki. My fave kaki chingie is very busy with her assignments and tutorial works at the moment, so I dare not asking her to hang out together. Hence, I opt for my secondary classmates aka best friends, Dred and Yan. Alright I have to say sorry for pushing the lunch for weeks as I am not in the mood to go out at that time.

I have got my kaki and we have to set the venue next. We have chosen Marche. Oooh-oh. Yan couldn’t make it. Only me and dred are going. Once we stepped into Marche. Disappointment appears on our face. Our main purpose to come over is for desserts — Cheese cake and Tiramisu. However, these 2 appear no where. Not on the dessert counter. No cheese cake. No tiramisu. We walked around the other food counter. I must say that we (us — Me, Yan, Roy, Wen, Chi, Jian, Dred, Wye, Ho, Tham, Francis… erm… who else?!) have nearly tried all the food from the counter in Marche last year Chinese New Year. We dined in Marche for dinner after our trip in Genting Highland. The best things were the Cheese Fondue and those cakes. As for this time, we found nothing special and nothing new. Sadly, we then ran off bermuka tebal without ordering any food.

Anyway, the curve must have lots of food and special cuisine. We both circled the walk and ended up with Italiannies.

The environment around

Here come the complement breads and vinegar + olive oil. I called it as ‘welcome dishes’ like those restaurants serve peanuts or prawn crackers. The bread taste good. I find the whole meal bread has salty taste. Yum. Well, another ‘pai-seh’ thing happened. As this was our first time to dine in a kinda traditional Italian restaurant, we have no idea how we are going to eat this ‘welcome dishes’. We guess, just dipped the bread into the vinegar + olive oil. Hmm… that tasted great!

We scanned the Menu for a long time and finally ordered a few dishes — Drinks, the appetizer, main course and desserts.

My fresh lime juice at RM 7.50
Ripe Mango shake at RM 8.50

After the drinks… And then…. We never thought of how huge is their serving and when the first dish comes, I am shocked! Oh my god, are we able to finish this HUGE plate of salad up?!

This is the Calamari’s Caesar salad (RM 24.90). A wide variety of vegetables topped with fried squids and the dressing.

Next is the main course, the pizza. I have never thought of the pizza is extremely LARGE! No eyes to see. I don’t think we both can finish these up as the dishes were for about 4 people. We still have 2 desserts (Tiramisu and Cappuccino Pie) behind. O.o

Smoked salmon pizza (RM 26.90).

Cappuccino pie (RM 12.90). The size is XXXL I think. That was totally different from what I saw in the Menu. Anyway, it tasted great and took me a long time to finish up my ‘ice berg’.

Tiramisu (RM 15.90). This tasted great too. A very traditional-liked dessert.

Errrr-hem… we couldn’t finish the pizza and very ‘pai-seh’; we had to take away the left over — half of the pizza.

I have learnt a lesson from today’s meal. Firstly, we must look at our ability before ordering food. Second, better make sure how huge the portion is. Finally, if don’t want to do such ‘pai-seh’ things like taking away (da bao) food, better call or ask friends over for help — finish the left over. Kekekeke.

As for conclusion, Marche is definitely out of my list if I still found no Tiramisu or cheese cake. Another thing, Italiannies is in my list now and I am going to pay another visit in the future. Nice food, yippie!

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2 thoughts on “Italiannies, The Curve”

  • huh….how come??

    our dear dred is there with you arh???how come can’t finished the dishes????kkk…wait for me!!!


  • lol, ni… dunno why… dred can’t even finish them. haha… maybe you are not here that’s why he has no appetite to finish them up


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