A Charity Auction Dinner

  • Sumo

Menu for the dinner. There were fish, chicken, pork, prawn, desserts… Sounds great!

I have never been to the charity auction dinner and last Saturday was my first time there. I received a call from my aunt in the morning. She had another ticket left and asked me to go with her. So, I said okay without asking if they have any dress code and how would be the situation and stuff. When the time came, I found myself blank in front of my wardrobe. I knew nothing about charity dinner and stuff and planned to wear a knee length pants with Tee until I called my aunt again to make sure what to wear.

It was kinda early while we reached Thean Hou Gong so the place was still not crowded with people yet. It was a grand one which held by Autorr Foundation in Dewan Thean Hou. The card stated the dinner will start at 7pm but ended up at 8.30pm. Well, that would be usual among the Chinese community. Phew, luckily I called and made sure what would be the dress code. Else I think I would make my aunt ‘pai seh’. Everyone looked smart and well dressed. Ladies even put up their nice dress with lovely make ups.

At 8pm, the event started with dragon dance followed by speech giving from those VIPs. The first dish starts to be served at 8.30pm. While we were eating, there were singing and dancing. There came auction after the first dish. Oh, before I forget, the dinner fore each table costs RM 1888. The entire funds raised are going for senior citizens and orphans. The auction went wild and fun. People continuously put their hands up for stuff at high price. Everyone there were really generous especially those VIPs. The climax arrived when the few of them opt for a very nice, hand-crafted Chinese fan which is coated with copper and gold colour. The dishes came out rather slowly so we managed to ‘clean up’ the whole dishes before the next coming up. After the auction, there were lucky draws. However, we didn’t get to participate because we ran off earlier.

Eventually, the food was okay but doing bits for the charity make people happier.

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