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This was the time when we celebrated my best-ie, WenChing’s birthday monthsss ago (sorry bout the delay). As there are quite a lot of new ‘hang-out’shops in Sunway Pyramid, we chose to have a small lunch celebration here. 

Chego, the Korean BBQ restaurant is newly opened and situated at lower ground of new area in Sunway Pyramid. Newly opened ma (at that time), let’s have a try lor. But this was not a pleasant experience for us.

We chose the side table where no shoes were allowed on the sitting area.

The Environment was full with sense of Korea.

We welcomed ourselves with the Korean soft drink.Each of us ordered the Korean soft drink at Rm 4.50 each. There were grape, crushed pear, and shikhye. Canned drink, we truly enjoyed this!

Ting fang opted for Hot Pot Kimchi Fried Rice , 石锅泡菜炒饭priced at Rm 13. She is the Korean craze who seriously crazy for kimchi.

I had the Hot Pot Chicken Bipim Bab,石锅饭(鸡肉)priced at Rm 15.

It was okay for me (well, I deno what comments to give as that was my very first time having Korean meal). However, the chili paste provided was not enough for my portion of bipim bab.

WenChing, the Star of the day had the Hot Pot Chicken Noodles,香辣鸡肉面 at Rm 15

Kimchi Soup Set, 香辣泡菜汤套餐 priced at Rm 24 that came a long with a few side dishes and a white rice was ordered by Esiong.

However, all these side dishes were UN-Refillable.

Bear in mind that, this restaurant does not provide free side dishes like Kimchi and others. If you want to try out their side dishes, you will have to order a la carte-ly or opt for those sets that come along with the side dishes. And, they do not have wide variety of side dishes. The worst thing was that their side dishes are UNREFILLABLE. This is totally very different from the other Korean restaurant in Ampang or Hartamas (told WenChing and Esiong who are both seriously fancy Jap and Korean cuisine).

The services provided were not that good. However, this wouldn’t affect our mission that day — small little celebration for out best-ie

That’s from us, with lots of love.

Chego Korea B.B.Q.
Lot 0B3-LG2.2 Sunway Pyramid
No. Jln PJS 11/15 Bdr Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya.

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19 thoughts on “Chego @ Sunway Pyramid”

  • can’t refill the kim-chis? what’s with the measly amount served, sure disappear in a flash …
    tried a restaurant in Ampang, forgot the name, they kept bringing the side dishes til we had to stop them! 🙂 and mind you, the varieties were endless…

  • I went there recently too. Was totally unimpressed with Chego. Will blog about it later.
    ps: Can I ask you what camera are you using? Nice pictures. 🙂

  • nice pics there! too bad got no refills lar..even kimchi!!!???sigh…i was at bonjuk 2 weeks ago. not bad. check it out! 😉

  • j2kfm,
    yeah lo… no refills and services so-so. that’s the worst things…
    Ampang?! i have heard a lot about ampang but dunno the way. that’s y can’t go. but i have beene eto a restaurant in hartamas before and it was really good. send us refills. and the one in puchong too, it was nice!

    this place okay-okay lar

    very unimpressive right?! totally agree with you. waiting for your post about this!!! no refills, no refills…

    i am using Canon 850 IS, quite an old camera and thanks thanks ya ^^

  • nic (khkl),
    bonjuk?! i heard bout this too but where is it ar?!?!
    slurp slurp over the computer now…

    har?! i thought since it is newly open so you have to give the best to the customers so that they will return for more?!

    salivating for korean spicy stuff n bbq now. but nowadays everything (the price) keep increasing. i can hardly eat-out. sobzzz

  • christine,
    this place so-so only. nvm larrr… wait til you back then we hang out for meals again!

    how’s life there? and food?! i miss you a lot!

    ya lor… a very not so korean restaurant. another visit?! gonna ‘think think’ first!

    why not try out those korean restaurant in ampang or desa sri hartamas. just simply chooose any of thsoe restaurant. bet it is much better than… here.

  • Haha, no worries, I haven’t even write about it yet! Omg, so many backdated posts. Anyway, nice photos. Thanks for celebrating my birthday, so happy for everything, love the gift that you and fang gave me. Still using it now. 🙂

  • sugar bean,
    guess i have abandoned my blog too much and will do more catch up often. glad that u love the gift from us. i love the one from you both too! still using it now… hehe.

    aiks… that’s the worst thing with no refills.

    thanks, Nic.

    new kid on the blog,
    em… mayb you may see only red red colour all over the dishes. but they are actually taste good or at least those kimchi are good for your health and body as they are full with lactobacillus, the bacteria that great for ur intestine and the skin! ^^

  • Lolx.I thought is a Japanese Restaurant when i first looked at it =S If go there, i sure will order 石锅泡菜炒饭 =) Got fresh egg and i like Korean 泡菜!

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