Back to School: We are only 16!

  • Sumo

We wanna get drifted away from the boring uni live and the never-ending workloads from the office.
We wanna put all the burden, workloads and stuff at the back of the head before Monday comes.
We wanna have a get together before They are flying off again.
We wanna give Her a special Birthday celebration
and We know,
It’s Time to PARTY!!!

With the great idea from Christine, invitations were out and rules and regulations were set.
We were well-dressed, well-equipped with the props and the food was ready to be served.
Shall We let the party to begin???

Chapter 1 # Food

Food bonded us together. Our circle can never get out from food. We custom made the party this round, specially for Sugar Bean before flying back to UK again. They missed the Malaysian food so much and didn’t even have a chance to try out all in a short period of break. We decided a Malaysian food night, with food from PJ, Cheras and Seri Kembangan.



Nasi Lemak brought by Kampungboycitygal from Village Park Restaurant @ Damansara Utama. Nasi Lemak with fried ikan bilis, cucumber slices and egg was always best compatible with their house’s sambals.


We all love the chicken a lot. It was well marinated with spices, deep fried into golden brown and served.


Prawn Mee from Lim Mee Yoke @ SS2. The broth was well flavoured but a little spicy to me.


Dim Sum brought by Tinkie from世家点心茶楼 @ Taman Maluri. look, the Dim Sum were so adorable and colourful.


Yong Tau Fu brought by Chris and Christine from the Puchong Yong Tau Fu @ Seri Kembangan. Every pieces of YTF were stuffed with thick fish paste.



Sugar Bean prepared the curry pork ribs


ta-pao-ed Hokkien Mee


Black peppered deer meat was soft and tender and rich in peppery taste.


and poached chicken


Oooooops, did i prepare anything???


Chapter 2 # Birthday Celebration

A special birthday celebration just for her in this well-themed party.


and this was what i have prepared, with lots of Lovesss.


Chapter 3 # the Camwhoring session

Never miss out every candid and every precious moments. A camera is an essential item in the party.


and now you know who we are 🙂



Chapter 4 # Games

We can never forget the games during partying


Never try to play chai mui if you are the person who does not react fast or you will be ended up to be like US >_<



These ‘happy juices’ were lip-smacking good. thanks to the Bean for introducing us with the colourful ‘happy juice’ 🙂


It was so great to be back at 16 again.
With us, all suited up in cute ironed school uniform.
Sat at a round table and enjoyed every bites of Malaysian food.
Sang Songs and had a meaningful birthday celebration …….


We are 16 only. Do you believe it? 😛

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