Ken’s Birthday

  • Sumo
Yesterday was another happening event again. There we were, celebrating Ken’s big birthday, his 21st birthday in his house and managed to ‘mess’ up his house. Hope his parents don’t mind with our crazy acts. we have never been such crazy as this before for a long time after half of the gang went overseas to futther their studies.

The gang of us celebrated Ken’s birthday. Jimmy was the one holding the yummy lovely wine while I have become the official photographer for the gang, as always. Hence, I have not much photo of me taken.

This is the lovely red wine brought by Jimmy from Australia. 4 liters drink cost only $8 Australia dollars. It tasted like and sweet. Heard Jimmy said it contains only 6% alcohol.

Before we had this lovely red wine, we actually opened up another 2 bottles of 750ml red wine. But they were not as tasty as this.

This was the birthday cake I baked. Of course it was not as great as those from secret recipe but it still can be eaten. Sigh… Jian and Roy just didn’t believe I can bake. What kind of friends they are?!

Cheese Cake from secret recipe which bought by ken’s family

Right after the song singing and candle blowing, ready…

Sparkling wine splashes + war!

Jimmy came back with a victory pose

So did Jian who came back with double victory pose

Poor puss, he got attacked all over though he was not the birthday boy. Look at his newly designed shirt.

Ken and Jimmy

Ken and I

Ken and Roy

Yee Meng and Ken

Eldred and Ken

Weng Ho and Ken

the lovely couple, Kok How and Yan

all gone blur after the drinking + eating + playing session.

p.s. there were lots of food served such as grilled chicken wings, satay, eggs…. but i was too busy eating and chatting and drinking with them til i forgot to took pics on the food!~

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5 thoughts on “Ken’s Birthday”

  • Haha… the cake u baked “really” taste good, n i enjoy it.
    Hope u can bake more next time la.. Hehe.

  • wow…!!I bet u guys have a crazily wonderful time…make me miss u guys so much..and I miss the fun of messing Ken Son’s house? I dont like the idea of that.!!!anyway…if u see this..KEN SON-HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!hahaha..i know its abit late…but its still my “sincere” wish…though i’m not as lucky as them…being able to mess up ur house…~
    to all the rest-best wishes to everything u guys set foot into!

  • hi eda! nice to see you here. i will try to post more happenning stuff among the gang of us then u will be able to ‘view’ us here. ^^

    still feel a bit left out without u here. hence, the very moment u step ur feet on land here, give us a call. k?! then we will try to mess out one’s house.

    cheer up and keep in touch. frens forever

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