Buttery Birthday Cake with cranberry and fresh Cherry

  • Sumo

It was such a last minute work when Roy called me up and asked me to in charge with the cake. After the phone call, I ended up agree to bake a cake for the birthday guy. They will come up with the money and I will just have to deal with the baking job. Partly I agreed to do the baking was that Roy don’t believe me I can bake. And so did Jian. Therefore, this would be perfect time to show out my ‘skill’. Kekeke… (Sob-sob, my friends don’t believe in me)

However, it was so last minute that I had only a few hours to prepare the cake and I nearly couldn’t make it on time. After selecting the ingredients, I started to work in the kitchen. Weighting and measuring and mixingand blending the ingredients… and then sent it into the oven.

*Tink tink* 4.30pm… hmmm… Smell good. Just got it out from the oven.
This was it after taking out from the 10 inch mould. I added chopped cranberry. There were chopped red cranberry sank to the bottom of the cake.

I faced difficulties when I was removing the cake from the mould, actually there was an error at the bottom of the cake and I took a real hard time to rescue the cake! That time I was so worried that I have failed. if i did failed, i will backup a cake from secret recipe (the final choice). Luckily, I managed to rescue it~

It was coated with a coat of chocolate cream spread and sprinkled with snow sugar.

The Decoration was done on spot. This was really a last minute work. It was just a very normal cake and although it did not taste as great as those from secret recipe or others cake house, it could still be eaten. Or at least there was the look of the cake there. I think I need to put on more works on experimenting with desserts and cakes so I won’t face any trouble when come to baking again. Conclusion, I need more practice and experimenting on different cake and not just stick to one type. Gambate!

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