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Second week of June

S. Kai: Jie, when are we going to secret recipe?
Wei: See first, maybe next week weekend.

Third week of June

S. Kai: Secret recipe, when???
Wei: See first lar. Maybe this Sunday.

Forth week of June

S. Kai: Jie, this week secret recipe ya.
Wei: can gua… if nothing to do on this week.

So happened that the weekend my family and I went to Mid valley.


S. Kai: Jie, later tea in secret recipe.
Wei: I don’t want lar!!! Just finish my chicken chop only. Wait til weekend.
S. Kai: Go lar. I wanna see spec. then we eat cakes
Wei: Don’t want. I am very full. Don’t want to eat.
S. Kai: Jie arrrrrr!!!
Wei: Don’t want!
S. Kai: Gorrrrrr!
S. Wei: anything.
S. Kai: Jie ar… seee… Gor okay wor.
Wei: enough le lar. What else you want beside secret recipe?!
S. Kai: I want to watch fantastic 4. I want pizza hut on Friday….

I can’t bear with him anymore. Too irritating. Ended up, 3 of us, me and brothers went to secret recipe for tea.

Secret recipe has no longer new for me. I think I have tried almost all their range from their cheese cakes to choc cakes and fresh cream to health cakes.

Cheese Cakes I have tried before
Blueberry cheese, Raspberry cheese , Cappuccino cheese, Chocolate cheese, Espresso cheese, Marble cheese, Oreo cheese, Yogurt cheese, Americano, New york cheese, Lemon cheese

Chocolate cakes and fresh cream I have tried before
Black forest, chocolate banana, chocolate fudge, choc mud cake, chocolate chip walnut, chocolate indulgence, mango delight, mocha walnut, tiramisu

Health cakes I have tried
Hi-fibre cream cheese, transfat free peach cream cake

Have not tried
Classic cheese, apple crumble (would like to try out)
Baked cheese
Cheeze Choc
Durian delight (definitely would not go for it!)
What else?!

We won a RM 20 voucher from F&N dairies S/B. This I have to thank to my youngest brother, Kai for drinking Magnolia’s milk to get those barcodes for us to join the contest. So, today, we used up the voucher. We ordered a tea set which came along with a slice of cake and a pot of organic tea at just Rm 10++. I chose the lemon cheese and organic jasmine green tea. We also ordered another 2 slices (Rm 5.50 each) which are cappuccino cheese and chocolate banana.

Lemon Cheese

A pot of organic Jasmine Green Tea

Chocolate banana

Cappuccino cheese

Finally, this tea satisfied my brother but not me. If I keep eating like this, gonna gain extra kilos! The bill came at Rm 24.15. So, we paid extra 4.15 along with the voucher.

Me and youngest bro, Kai actually paid a visit to secret recipe last month where we ordered a main course, cordon blue chicken, ice lemon tea and a slice trans fat free peach cream cake for him and a pot of organic jasmine green tea and a slice of Hi-fibre cream cheese for me.

Cordon blue chicken was deep-fried chicken whereby the meat wrapped with cheese and ham. When you cut it, the cheesy cheese will leak out. The dish served with green vegetable salad and fries.
I like the taste of Trans fat free peach cream cake. It was very appetizing with the sourly taste of fresh peach. The best of all, it was trans fat free.
Organic jasmine green tea
Hi-fibre cream cheese
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