Tiffin Bay, Starhill Gallery (1)

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Looking back on old photos always bring up sweet memories to me. Besides, all these bring me back to the scene of the day. Then, let’s talk back to 28 December 2005 *kekeke* will this too far aback from today. Wen Ching was back from UK for few weeks holiday. We met up and hang out together. Our main purpose of the day was to get Ting Fang’s year 2006 birthday present. Of course, besides getting her a present, we had to get something for ourselves too. I bought a shirt and a pants and Ching bought a long sleeve shirt and jacket from MNG. By that time MNG had their year end sales *giggle* gals always can’t hold themselves from SALES. After long hours of shopping and trying out clothes, we finished our mission by getting Fang a bag from MNG too. All 3 of us are MNG fans ^_^After long hours of shopping in Lot 10 and Times Square, we walked over to Tiffin Bay located in Starhill Gallery. Gonna spent us something delicious in this classy place.
Let’s see what we had that day~

Wen Ching opted for Chocolate Fudge cake and passion fruit smoothies

I chose a strawberry cake and raspberry and rosehip tea. The tea came in a cute small teapot and served with a cookie. I love the aroma of the tea. Wonder where can I buy this tea leaves?!

Here were types of sugar for my tea — there were rock sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, cube white sugar and cube brown sugar. I never added any sugar in my tea as I preferred the original taste of the tea.

Well, the portion of the cakes was enormous at just Rm 8 per piece (2years ago due to newly opening) and we took quite a long time to finish up. Here were the left over portion (we couldn’t manage to polish up the dishes). The cakes were great. However, our stomach had not enough capacity to fill in the left over portion.

the prettily decorate sofa.

I like this place a lot. It is quiet and comfortable on the colourful sofa. There is music played from time to time. If you are lucky, there are musician playing piano on spot. Moreover, you will find the whole place looks amazed when slowly light up in the dusk.

Tiffin Bay
F41, Explore Floor,
Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03, 27823870

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2 thoughts on “Tiffin Bay, Starhill Gallery (1)”

  • wow, cant believe that you’ve new post again, u’re posting so frequently! but it’s a good thing anyway, i get to view new things 🙂

    cant believe time flies, anyway, i still remember that that we had a great time together. keke! love the cakes! but i think the price for the cakes have increased right?

    hope to visit there with u again!!

  • yes indeed, the price for the cakes have increased and served in kinda small portion. i guess we need to find out other place for dessert than here. hehe. fang suggested delicious by ms. read. maybe we can check out that place?!

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