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Ahhh, Kakiyuki brings this new Japanese iced dessert to your doorsteps!

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Anmitsu Ice 餡蜜アイス

Anmitsu Ice 餡蜜アイス is a popular summer dessert in Japan. Kakiyuki’s version is made of slushy frozen Japanese Sencha or black sesame flavour, topped with an array of handmade toppings such as tea jelly, mochi, warabimochi and red beans paste, beautifully arranged in the huge ice bowl. Not to mentioned, this range of ice dessert is very takeaway and delivery-friendly, for you and your family to enjoy at home especially during this pandemic where it is best to stay home!

There are 3 basic Anmitsu Ice Bowls – Goma, Matcha and Hojicha with standard toppings, you may add on a maximum of 5 toppings into the bowl based of your preferences. If you can’t quite decide which toppings to pick, go for their Premium Combo!

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Matcha Mont Blanc Ice
Sencha ice, houjicha jelly, matcha ice cream, matcha mont blanc, orange peel mochi, matcha warabimochi, yuzu dango, sweetened red bean, fresh strawberry and buttered rice puffs

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Hojicha Mont Blanc Ice
Sencha ice, earl grey jelly, hojicha ice cream, hojicha mont blanc, original mocha, kinako warabimochi, yam dango, candied chestnut, sweetened red bean, buttered rice puff

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Goma Mont Blanc Ice
Goma ice, jasmine tea jelly, goma ice cream, goma mont blanc, goma mocha, kinako warabimohchi, omugi (Japanese barley), purple sweet potato, frozen raspberry, buttered rice puffs.

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I can’t quite decide which I like most because I love all of them. They are not sweet and very chilling, a perfect dessert during the scotching hot weather. I fancy the tea jelly a lot, also the mochi and warabimochi; the bowl is layered with different textures and ended with crispiness from buttered rice puff. Every mouthful of the dessert is filled with happiness! A premium combo anmitsu ice bowl can definitely satisfy your dessert cravings!

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