Ozeki Italian Cuisine @ Wisma Cosway, KL

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The bride needed a chill, and so we (along with another BFF) brought her over here on her pre-big day!


Ozeki Italian Cuisine is another humble gem (aside from Yashi-No-Mi Japanese Cafe), hidden in this building; a non halal restaurant, serving Japanese Italian fusion cuisine. Their set lunches are quite a steal; at the price of Rm 18 and above, each set comes with a salad, soup of the day and drink with choice of coffee, tea or orange. If you fancy Italian cuisine with a twist of nihon flavour or vice versa, here is a place you must visit.

On our visit, we had 2 sets for sharing of 3. Meat of The Day (Rm 29) is the Chef’s special selection of meat in one plate. Aside from the salad, soup and a drink, you also get an appetizer and a steamed egg custard. The appetizer of the day was baked sweet potato topped with cheese powdered. As for the main, that’s the pork (cutlets?) stew with rice; brimmed with ingredients such as cucumbers, onion and eggplants in tomato based sauce. Every dish from appetizer to the main course was lovely, except that the appetizer may be a little overpowering with cheese flavours. Not into meat?! Go for fish! You can always go for their Fish of The Day set at the same price too.

Spaghetti seafood Giapponese (Rm 18) was the pasta consists of seafood, mushroom and soya sauce base. The pasta was done in an al dente way, flavoured with the essence from the sea.


Last but not least, you must not miss out their special crème brulee – Chestnut Crème Brulee (Rm 18). Unlike this usual custard egg creme brulee, this was made by chestnut. The texture was creamy, very creamy while the top was the crispy caramelized sugar. What a great contrast! This is best cream brulee I have had. The bride too, put aside the “calories-nightmare” and polished clean the dessert!

Ozeki Italian Cuisine
Wisma Cosway, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2148-9390
Open daily for lunch and dinner.


Meat of The Day (Rm 29)






Spaghetti seafood Giapponese (Rm 18)



Chestnut crème brulee (Rm 18)


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