The Brew Culture @ Plaza Damas 3, Hartamas

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Morning People, how was your long weekend?! A fruitful one? Hope everyone had great rest before the new week start. As usual, I went off for my standard weekly routine;catch up with the BFFs and go for a slice of sweet dessert paired with a dose of hot caffeinated beverage.



I have been here for two consecutive weekends. It is now my new hang out coffee place (after Coffee Stain) for all above activities.


The Brew Culture

Opens its door not too long ago, somewhere in August; serving specialty coffee as well as single origin coffees. They are using the blend of Columbia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea for their espresso-based coffee. For the single origin coffees, you could always opt for methods available such as hand drips, French press and etc.


Had your cup of coffee today?!


I love the cosiness of the place, the lighting, the décor, the environment, the house’s signature… and of course, the sincerity of the owners in preparing all of them. Okay, one word, everything.

The 3R (reuse, recycle, reduce) concept is used in their café. For example, reusing milk cartons as décor, and using them to fill in the used ground coffee for customers to pick up; old wine bottles as water containers, ceiling to fall glass window to bring in natural lights instead of relying on the energy light…



Reusing milk cartons as café lamp; hand-drew and coloured cheerfully.

brew culture1


Free Used ground coffee for grabs, can be used as deodorizer, fertilizer, insect repellent, dye, furniture scratch cover up…


Even the chairs has got stocking on them.


Cappuccino (Rm 7)
A 6 oz drink came in a lovely ceramic cup and with pretty latte art on top. Creamy, frothy and smooth. Quite a memorable dose.


Café Latte (Rm 8)
Another hot black with cow juice came in a 8oz latte glass. My Bff who don’t quite fancy coffee loves it.


Matcha Cow Juice (Rm 7)
Not a coffee person, perhaps you may love some cow juice with matcha flavour. There are other options too! Such as cocoa.


TBC Homemade Lemon cheese cake (Rm 6.90)
The Brew Culture’s signature pastry. It was cheesy, lemony and tangy creamy cheese with digestive biscuit and oreo cookies base.


Tiramisu (Rm 8.90)


Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Craving Cookies (Rm 4.50)
Another addictive bits to go with the coffee.


I’m retired! Enjoying my retirement now.
How cute!



The bar counter concept.
Ohhh… did i tell you that the owners are actually engineers?!

The Brew Culture
B-01-06 Plaza Damas 3,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours:
9am to 9pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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