Await Café @ Taman Danau Desa, KL

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Simple, cosy and relaxing…

If you are seeking for an afternoon place with above criteria, jot down Await Café as it would be a great preference in the list.




Await Café is the brainchild of Jane and Jenny, a neighbourhood café that is located at the second floor of the shoplot in Taman Danau Desa. Both of them were involving in editorial job in the old days and have now become business partner and opens up Await Café.



If you are here for a cup of espresso-based coffee drink, I must say this is not your place. Await Café serves hand-brewed coffee which is brewing from quality single origin coffee beans. Either by siphon method or hand drip (pour over) method, they will brew your cup of drinks with hearts and loves. The all-time coffee beans available are such as Brazil Santos, Guatemala, Colombia Supremo, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe… and sometimes there are surprises like Panama Geisha and Jamaica Blue Mountain, you can always check out their facebook page for updates.

await cafe

Like the others café, Await Café offers desserts such as a variety of light cheesecakes and light meals such as sandwiches and pastas. Breakfast set is available on weekends, comes with toast, eggs, sausages, healthy fresh green and homemade mash potato.



I had the House Blend that was done by the siphon method (Rm 13) which has got the weak acidity and mild bittery taste. It was rich and a little buttery; love the aromatic aftertaste.


Same goes to Brazil Santos which has weak acidity and mild bittery taste, done by siphon method (Rm 11) too.


Homemade Chocolate Cheesecake (Rm 10)
Chocolaty, cheesy and rich.



Little Devil (Rm 10)
Very tiramisu-liked but made of soft cheese. I actually don’t quite fancy this. Perhaps my mindset was already on tiramisu, a little twist on ingredient and flavour make me take time to accept it. Maybe you will love it.


The café setting was cosy and it attracts me to stay over for one whole afternoon, either with a book or magazine; or a long chit chat session with the buddies. I like the fact that their brews are priced affordably (per cup); the owners are very keen in recommending and sharing their coffee with you. Will definitely return for more.


Await Café
9-1-5, Jalan 3/109F,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7971 0978
Operating hours:
11am to 8pm on weekdays
9am to 8pm on weekends
Closed on Thursdays

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