My Feelings Coffee by Lewis Gene @ Solaris Mont Kiara

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My Feelings Coffee by Lewis Gene

Dimly lit with warm cosy ambience; with the long coffee bar placed on the middle of the café, serves as the platform for the owner and barista to present their creation. The menu on the huge chalkboard; featuring over hundred types of food and beverages for you to choose. Not too sure what kind of drinks to order, just ask for recommendation.

This was not the first time I was here. In fact, I was here a few times, for the love of their special brew and coffee “cocktails”. Read on and you will find my love.







Shangrilla (Rm 23.9)
A very refreshing kind of ‘cocktail’. Made with ice drip coffee from a special blend of theirs, evaporated milk and ice cube coffee, served prettily in the champagne glass. Try this out if you were here, one will simply fall in love with this refreshing chilled coffee that smooth down the throat; because I did!


Suddenly Magic Drip Coffee (Rm 22.9)
Another great brew of caffeinated beverage. Coffee ice cube with sticky and aromatic gula Melaka and sugar coated coconut strips; pour over the hot milk and voila… a great glass of coffee ‘cocktail’. Never know coffee and gula Melaka and coconut strips are good friends. It reminds me of the coconut candy I got from Thailand. Aromatic coconut flavour with sweet burnt gula Melaka and the coffee. Really amazing!



Toraja Moka Pot (Rm 18.9 per pax)
Lewis Gene uses mainly beans from Toraja. Toraja is located right on the equator, in the central mountain district of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Here produces a very well balanced taste with mellow aroma type of coffee beans.



Ice Drip Coffee with Toraja Beans
I always find ice drip coffee has a special cooling effect. This one too, has that thirst quenching effect I love!


Café Mocha (Rm 14.9)
With a beautiful latte art that was mind soothing, made by the passionate owner. I need one now!!!





French Toast Platter (Rm 19.9)
A simple French toast platter with eggs, baked beans, ham, greens and that special French toast. Not the usual one as the bread was supplied freshly by an uncle in Pudu, where Lewis Gene sincerely sourced and finally managed to get this type of bread. The bread/ toast was spongy with a soft chewy interior; loaded with gu zhao wei 古早味 .


Mash Potato Salad (Rm 19.9)
Served with a poached egg on the potato salad, and lots of greens. Toss them up before enjoying them.


Myer’s Marie Sandwich (Rm 18.9)
Packed with cheese, sunny side up, turkey toast, tomato, onion rings, greens, mayonnaise, chilli sauce, mustard sauce in between the special French toast, a filling one to start up the day. Yes, do eat like a king at breakfast!


Scallop & Seafood Pizza (Rm 34.9)
Generously loaded with seafood and scallops, as well as the cheesy mozzarella cheese on the thin crispy crust.


Honolulu Chicken Pizza (rm 28.9)
If you are up for something more savoury, this is a great choice. This pizza has Asian fusion flavour in it. It was done by an accident during the experiment where chef used that Chinese sauce that is used in steaming fish in this recipe. Hence, that resulted a special flavour in the pizza.


Belgium Waffles with Boysenberry Ice Cream (Rm 19.9)


Angeline New York Cheesecake with Strawberry Jam (Rm 15.9)
When Citygal told me they serve the best New York cheesecake in town, I doubt… till I have tried, finally. Yes, I do have to agree with her. Aside of coffee, cheesecake is their specialty too! They are all homemade by the owner’s wife. This one is her signature. Lovely creamy piece of New York cheesecake, dressed up with the sweet and sourish strawberry jam which was heavily loaded with real strawberries. Yep, even jam is homemade too!


Blackberry Cheesecake (Rm 15.9)
New creation in the house! What’s more when having it with a cup of hot coffee. Bliss!


Chilled Oreo Cheesecake (Rm 15.9)


Wild Luwak Syphon (Rm 98)
We ended our meal with a small sample of wild luwak coffee made with syphon by the owner. Thank you so much!!!




I get to be a little helper of his, for the few mins. Thank you Lewis Gene a huge sharing session about coffee.


My Feelings Coffee by LewisGene
Address: 15, Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206 4438
Open daily from 9am to 12midnight.

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