103 Coffee Workshop @ Sri Petaling, KL

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It has been a while since my last dose of coffee. I have been craving for it, over the weeks. So on last last weekend, I decided to spoil myself with caffeine, till I was a little overdose by the end of the week. Ahhh well, I had the accumulated quotas to go after them.

Get to know from Broughtup2share that Sri Petaling has got a face which I should really pay a visit…


103 Coffee Workshop


A third wave coffee place that stood along the forever busy street, Jalan Radin Bagus. 103 Coffee Workshop is a Japanese inspired café is coated in raw hues from the cement ceiling and floor, pure white brick-wall, but warmed up with some playful “greenhouse” cactus pots and wooden tables and working bench and the whole shop is filled with the pleasant aromatic coffee aroma. Serving Japanese brunch, dons, udon, snack and desserts; coffee and their very own kind of Japanese Milk Tea; I believe it is going to be one of the hottest hang out places. Do take note that the kitchen is opened from 11am to 4pm & 6pm to 9.30pm.





Starting with my usual dose of Flat White (Rm 10)
The flat white here was done with double shot. I love it; for its creaminess of the milk and intense, aromatic and deep shots of espresso, using their house blend in a mix of Brazil Mogiana, Colombia Inza and Guatemala Antigue coffee beans, blended by ‘M’ Espresso Sporting Club Coffee Roaster. Truly a decent dose of caffeine and I love it double.


While my friend went on for their Bean of the Day done by Chemex.



Kari Kari Pasta (Rm 3.9)
Crispy fried pasta with homemade seasoning. Quite an addictive snack to go along with a long chit chat.


Tamago Garikku Tosuto (Rm 13.9)
Garlic butter toast served with beef sausage, chicken ham, spring egg (they serve kampong egg here!) and mixed salad. A wholesome breakfast/ brunch plate to go with the coffee. Simply love the eggy madness here. Remember to spread the eggy toast with the garlic butter that served in the small plastic jar. It was way so delicious to go with the toast!!! However, the ham was a letdown. I didn’t finish up the ham.



Stamina Don (Rm 14.9)
Or also known as gyuniku don, with braised sliced beef on a bed of fluffy rice and served with spring egg. I was actually drooling over my friend’s order. It was very aromatic after a stir of everything together. The rice bits and beef slices were coated with the egg and the texture of the beef slices were tender. A simple bowl of rice like this does make ones tummy satisfied.



The after lunch sweet treat. Charcoal Crepe and Chocolate Mousse Cake were both something to go with coffee too.



And we ended overdosed ourselves with more caffeine. Kenya AA Mtaro Estate done with Aeropress (Rm 18), with a pleasant citrusy note.


103 Coffee Workshop (103工房)
103 Jalan Radin Bagus,
Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.
(Located next to 7-Eleven)
Business hours: Tues-Sun from 11am-11pm
Tel: +603-9054 5512

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