Our Coffee o’Clock @ Like Mom Korean Café, Plaza Damas

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Continue with my overdosed weekend, with the BFFs, this is an impromptu plan to revisit this sweet Korean café in Plaza Damas. After our lunch at Uokatsu (my favourite place for homey Japanese food), we checked out around for coffee and finally settled down at this place.


Like Mom Korean Cafe

Like Mom is a very sweet homey café that offers gourmet coffee, homemade bread and pastries and they serve hot food too. Do check out my previous visit here. This time, we were here for their coffee and something sweet. Ladies will never miss out their teatime or desserts after meal. If you are not sure what to order, do ask the friendly owner. He will be nice helping you out. We had all these recommended by him too!




Dutch Latte (Rm 18.9)
Served in a special beaker glass. Though it is priced on the higher side, this is definitely a cup that one won’t regret ordering. I guess Dutch coffee is also known as cold brew. Their brewing method is done by this special coffee maker, with cold water running through it at room temperature and it takes at least 6 hours and above for extraction. The end product was light and smooth. I felt that it was pleasant and chilling when the latte ran down my throat and left with a sweet fruity aftertaste in my oral cavity. Words really can’t describe how great it was. I just can’t wait to have another dose of this.




Dutch coffee made by this special equipment, which seems like these parts are only be found in the science lab.


Ice Cube Latte (Rm 14.9)
They really put a lot of hearts in their coffee/ latte. This was aromatic and creamy at the same time, creamier than my Dutch Latte but I prefer Dutch Latte to this one



Korean Latte (Rm 10.2)
Made with 5 different types of grains blended with milk, this is very unique kind of latte that catered for those who can’t take caffeine.


Creamy and rich Cheese Cake (Rm 8.8) to go along with the coffee and long afternoon chat.

Like Mom Korean Cafe
E-0-5, G Floor, Plaza Damas,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 6203 9224
Opens on Mon – Sun: 11am to 7pm
If you are parking in Hartamas Shopping Centre, take the exit from Starbucks.
Cross the road and after the mamak, turn left. you will find Like Mom in the middle row of the shoplots.

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