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Happy New Year people!!!

How was your New Year Day like?! Doing New Year resolution while enjoying the hot sunny New Year?


Following the usual tradition we did over the years, with the bff(s), we went on for a great brunch/lunch on the very first day of the year. This was the last minute suggestions after a few failures all over the places as few of our picks were on holiday.


Podgy & the Banker


Painted in black with the hints of yellow of the lampshades and steel chairs; wooden tables are always the great piece of art with food around, this charming and bright café welcomed us earlier at noon; that’s a great sign for the New Year. Another lovely creation and this café has got seats for more than 20 people. Would be delighted if they can put up a self service signage to direct the people when ordering. The café can be a little noisier than usual when the place got crowded but this didn’t stood us aback; always love the merrier the better.

The selection of food here is keeping simple and nice; playing around with sandwiches and eggs. They are using the Sumatra Mandheling Kuda Mas for their coffee and all drinks are at a standard double shot; which could be a little strong for some.

Food is always photogenic when it comes on a wooden/vintage table. And let us proudly present our 全蛋宴 full egg feast!


Flat White (Rm 10)


Mocha (Rm 10)


French Toast with Nutella and Banana (Rm 10)



Poached Eggs on Toast (Rm 10)


Omelette (Rm 14)


Scrambled Eggs (Rm 8)


Bruschetta with Ham & Egg (Rm 12)


They are always the earliest bunch of people singing birthday song and buy me cake every year. Same thing goes to this year too! Muaxxx!!! Love you people, you guys rock my world!


It was still early (?) and there was no sight of cakes of the bar counter in this cafe yet. The bff(s) got me this mango cheesecake from somewhere.


Citygal brought and shared us her homemade goodies – peach yogurt cheesecake trifles which was so yummy and so good. Do heck out her blog for recipe and details if you fancy to make one.


Podgy & The Banker
Ground Floor, No.2,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours : 9am to 12am,
Closed on Tuesdays.

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