Aku Café & Gallery @ Jalan Panggong, KL

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Stepping into Aku Cafe, I found calmness and quietness…
That comes with a hint of aromatic coffee scent.


Aku Café & Gallery 亚谷 is a hidden piece of jewel that stood at Jalan Panggong. It is a café and also an art gallery where you can enjoy reading the fine art during the exhibition period. On the final day of year 2013, I was lucky enough, to get a final glimpse of the art presented in Aku Café. IKAN, the solo exhibition by DevLee.






Yes, this is one of his pieces plastered on the wall. All of his fish carcasses are presented in a monochromatic way and it looks interesting.


Aku Café is manned by the people who run Old China Café (which is located just a stone throw away) too. Here, you get to see vintage fan which is still working, wooden chairs and coffee tables. It’s just like walking into your granny’s house in those old days. Aku Cafe is a place where you can get the single origin coffee, done by hand-drip or siphon-brewed which is priced affordably. And sorry, there isn’t any espresso based coffee here. Not a fan of coffee, they have wide choices of tea and yogurt drink for you to choose from.







Green Apple Yogurt 青苹果优格乳 (Rm 8.90)
Fresh blended green apple with yogurt was mum’s pick as she couldn’t handle any caffeine after a.m.


Mandheling & Brazil 曼巴 (Rm 11 – siphon)
This was my pick of the day. Done by siphon. It has got an intense aroma and rich; strong and ended with a nutty flavour. I love its pleasant aftertaste.



Aku Special Cake for Coffee 咖啡的蛋糕 (Rm 6.90)
Read its name, and I knew I must order this. Their signature Fluffy spongy coffee cake that was richly filled with walnuts and chocolate chips, sweet but not too sweet and went well with the coffee. The sourish homemade apple jam/sauce that loaded with goji berries compatible well with the cake too!!! It played around the sourish and sweet note on the tastebuds at the same time.


Cake for coffee or coffee for cake; they both are well-matched in either way.


Hainan Toast 海南面包 (Rm 4.90)
Fragrant but slightly on the sweeter side.


If I have more time to spare, I could just sit here a whole afternoon, with a book and sipping on their freshly brewed coffee.

Aku Cafe & Gallery
No.8, 1st Floor,
Jalan Panggong,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 11am till 8pm
Closed on Mondays

Contact: 03-28576887

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4 thoughts on “Aku Café & Gallery @ Jalan Panggong, KL”

  • Looks like an interesting cafe, and though I am not a fan of coffee, I just love how they used these old school cups to serve the coffee in. They just bring back those nostalgic memories of the good ol’ coffee days…and I am surrounded by all coffee fans, lol!
    Hahaha, that was a hilarious word; carcasses of fish plastered on the wall…you’ve got me laughing!:-P
    Happy New Year to you Ivy, have a fantastic year filled with many wonderful returns! 🙂

    • haha, Christy, that’s how the others described his too!
      happy new year to you!!! this place is quite a thing. if you dun like coffee, can always try the others and chill one afternoon!

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