Mini Bridal Shower @ The Owls Café, Bukit Jalil

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When the bff bride called for ji mui(s) meet up, sash, tiara, balloon and present were all in my head. Yes, my bff’s wedding was a week after the ji mui(s) meet up and we decided to throw her a mini mini mini bridal shower (since it was a kinda last minute thingie).

A place for a private tete-a-tete session and we were quite lucky to secure this lovely private little corner in…


The Owls Café


Stood along at Jalan Jalil Jaya 6 in Bukit Jalil, this is a newly opened café not long ago, and it is surprisingly famous and crowded, especially on the weekend. Be sure to come here earlier to grab your table or else will be ended up queuing at the staircase. I actually called up to reserve for this mini bridal shower. They said they will help me to secure a table as reservation is not allowed, so no promise on that. Well, in the end I was ended up queuing half an hour too but we were really lucky to be seated at this lovely corner!!!


The wall is very attractive; painted in white but fancily coloured with owls’ drawings. Here and there and every corner are decorated with miniatures and collection of owls that fit their theme. I like the seats by the glass window, which gives the best light for photos and instagram moments.





Pure Lemongrass (Rm 12) in pot, served 2 and refillable. A very soothing one for the bride-to-be.


Cappuccino single shot (Rm 7)


Flat White (Rm 8)


The Magic (Rm 8)
I went for their magic. The double ristretto with steamed milk was quite similar to piccolo latte but smoother (according to a friend). Love it touched the lip smoothly at this temperature (the milk is served in between 55 to 65 degree), an aromatic dose of caffeine that one will never forget. But those who couldn’t take strong coffee shall stay away as its dose is doubled.


Rose Latte (Rm 10)
Besides the usual black and white coffee, they serve also flavoured coffee. One of their signatures came with a touch of nature. I love the light floral hint of rose mixed with espresso and milk; finally it was beautified with rose petals on the latte art and around the elegant saucer. Just like a piece of art, such a beauty! Girls who love the floral sweetness will definitely go crazy over this.


Rebecca (Rm 18)
Such a unique name. Huge piece of fluffy waffle with crispy edges filled with strawberries & blueberries; topped with homemade Earl Grey ice cream which is blended well with the almond flakes and maple syrup. This is a nutty and refreshing version as it came with sourish sweet berries but if you are a fan of creamy version, you can opt of David that comes with a combination of bananas, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cream and chocolate sauce.



The Queen (Rm 21)
This was a simpler version but filled with assorted flavours of homemade ice cream (3 scoops of them) together with the macaron. Yes for their homemade ice cream but it was slightly sweet on one of the flavours (sorry I forgot which).




The complimentary Halloween cupcakes.


ji mui1

And here comes the bride, showered with loves. Hope you love this mini session and the finely selected bridal shower present from us. xoxo.


ji mui



It was her big day last week and we had so lots of fun; the morning and night sessions were filled with smile, tears and laughter.

The Owls Cafe
12-1, First Floor,
Block 5, Jalil Link,
Jalan Jalil Jaya 6,
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: +603 – 9543 9828
Business Hours: 10am to 7pm
Closed on Mondays

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