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When the BFF is back here for a short break, things we will do is hit down town, savour some good food with a glass or two and chit chat for one whole evening. This round, we chose…


Hamasho Japanese Restaurant


A rather new face that stood along at Desa Sri Hartamas; filled with Japanese songs in the atmosphere, menu written in mainly Japanese and a little English plastered on the walls, we felt as though we were in the Japan’s izakaya. This restaurant is managed by a bunch of friendly people and serve really interesting charcoal-grilled dishes and we found our favourite onigiri (rice balls) here!



Started our evening with yummy sours – Grapefruit Sour and Calpis Sour (Rm 16 each)


Yasai Moriawase (Rm 20) came with 4 types of vegetables – eggplant, corns, asparagus and eringi mushrooms to be grilled on the charcoal stove. No worries if you are not sure if they are cooked. The staff will always pop by and check them out.





Jaga Butter – potato with butter; served with seasoned raw squids (Rm 12)
One of the tummy fillers. Never know simple stuff like this tasted so great! Perhaps the butter did the trick?! Sadly, it was sold out when we wanted second serving.



Ikageso Watayaki (Rm 25)
Grilled squid tentacles. Love its chewiness. Not into tentacles?! You can always have their famous ikapoppo, grilled squid that is brushed with a mix of sake and shoyu when grilling.


Eringi (Rm 12)
We ordered extra serving of their seasoned eringi mushrooms as they were real yummy to be grilled over the soft fire.


Nasu – Eggplant (Rm 12)


Torikara Ponzu (Rm 20)
Highly recommended by the staff. Deep fried chicken drizzled with citrusy based sauce and touched with grated radish. It was a very special dish. The deep fried chicken was non greasy at all and ended with a refreshing touch on the palate.


Mentaiko Onigiri (Rm 12)



Yaki Onigiri (Rm 18)
Coated with a layer of crispy outer crust and inner was fluffy flavourful rice. One of the greatest yaki onigiri I have had. It was chewy and crispy at the same time, every mouthful was flavoured with the bonito flakes.



We ended our meal with Mochi Ice (Rm 15) – fragrant vanilla ice cream encased with a thin and soft glutinous rice skin layer.

Love having BBQ here as the ventilation is pretty good where we walked out without wearing any fumes or smoky odour. Pricewise, it can be a little steep as each of us paid Rm 100 for this meal. But then again, we were served with very fresh ingredients and friendly services.


And we made new friend here! *peace*

Hamasho Japanese Restaurant
42, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206-1127
Opens from 6pm to 2am.
Closed on Sundays

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