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It has been a while for us to get together and have a cuppa. One of the couples is now new-papa-new-mama, everyday busying with their kid while the other couple is always busy travelling. Till it’s the new papa’s big day celebration, we managed to meet up for his… 30th!




A heart warming café that nestled in Nexus, Bangsar South; serving modern cuisine that is made interestingly and served prettily. They do know how to use different types and categories of ingredients, and present them on a plate which is really delicious not just for the tastebuds, but the eyes too.








Flat white (Rm 10) to start up our day. 5 cups please, one for each of us. New-mama said she finally able to taste the caffeine. She was quite overjoyed with it.


I had mine with a heart. Their flat white had nice touch on the lips but it never last long. Ah well, I have my own personal preference on coffee or the beans and the layer of steamed milk.



Retro Scotch Egg (Rm 26)
A piece of edible art, prettily presented on a dark coloured plate. The centre of attraction,a runny yolk encased in the juicy chicken mince wrapped and served on the creamy cauliflower bed, surrounded with shredded beets and carrot shells and alfafa sprouts. Very colourful. Love the flavourful cauliflower bed and the mince wrapped with egg. However, the deep fried shredded beets and carrots had the unpleasant oily taste to the palate.



Beef Goulash with Pappardelle (Rm 28)
A wholesome pasta dish served with Black Angus beef that made thick and smoky beef stew. They really do know how to style their dish. Love the tiny bits of herbs dashed on the plate. It helps in increasing ones appetite with the pretty plating.



Southern Fried Chicken (Rm 20)
Deep fried whole chicken leg, touched with greens and served with housemade chilli sauce and chips. The batter of the fried chicken was flavourful and crispy! The housemade chilli sauce gave another plus point to the fried chicken and chips.



The Hidden Gem (Rm 35)
A grilled giant fat squid stuffed with risoni and sided with charred watermelon and feta cheese. We love this max! Never know watermelon that underwent the grilling process and cheese can be a perfect match.



Some of the dishes I had on my first visit…


Glorious Mushroom (Rm 26)
Nutty & Juicy Portobello mushroom, stuffed with potato chunks & cherry tomato, butter sautéed spinach, topped with melted mozzarella cheese and served with a sunny side up egg.


Yolk porn!


Green Pasta (Rm 17)
Garlicky spinach sauce, fragrant minced chicken meat, premium quality fusilli; this was really green to my liking. Too greennn. Ok lar, am not a fan of spinach.


Gorough Grill Cheese Sandwich (Rm 17)
Grill Raclette cheese, caramelized banana, smoky bacon or turkey slice, served with true cut chips and cheery tomatoes. Another interesting combination that came with cheese and banana, yummy!




Happy 30th birthday, New-Papa! May baby Cayden has more siblings coming soon! Hehehehe…

Untitled Export4

The new-mama got the new-papa the super huge balloons!!! These huge “30” balloons were from Rainbow Dreams Balloons. They are giving out 20% Discounts on all Balloons Deco & Dessert table settings when you quote “Ivyaiwei”!
Email : Or call / Whatsapp Mei Yen: +6012 379 8318


Homemade Snow Berry Cake as new-papa’s birthday cake.
Vanilla bean cake with homemade fresh berries (strawberries and raspberries) jam filling and cream cheese frosting and topped with strawberries too.




1-11, Level 1,
Nexus, Bangsar South,
Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours:
Mon to Fri: 10am till 10pm
Sat to Sun: 9.30am till 10pm

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