Coco Steamboat @ Old Klang Road, KL

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When the spontaneous buddies just gave a beep and asked for dinner. Here we were, headed down town after work; gossip, chit chat and eat…


Coco Steamboat

Originate from Cheras and also another outlet in Seri Petaling, Coco Steamboat who is famed for their signature Pork Bone Soup base, has now expanded their business into many areas like puchong and here in Old Klang Road. The premise is spacious and huge; with many tables and chairs cater for the patrons. I believe it can be a little crowded during the weekends or public holidays as there are rows of chairs at the waiting area near the entrance. So, do come earlier to grab your seats during the weekend!


Signature Pork Bone Soup (Rm 19.9) appeared in milky white, packed with collagen as it was boiled with giant pork knuckles for long hours and filled with ingredients like white cabbages, sliced turnips, deep fried shredded yam, radish and deep fried beancurd; seasoned with dose of black pepper in the soup base. It was pretty addictive with just the soup alone. We couldn’t help asking for more refills. Great thing is, I didn’t find it thirsty after loaded myself with the pork bone soup. Yummy! We shared a set (Rm 17.8) among the 3 of us and had extra orders of vegetables, mushrooms and meats.the set menu itself came with fish noodles, prawn, quail egg, dumplings, yam and etc…



Snacked on the Shrimp Paste Pork (Rm 15.9) while waiting for the soup and ingredients to boil. Pretty flavourful and addictive stuff, very well marinate with the shrimp paste!


Slice pork (Rm12.9)
The must order item in the menu and cook it in the shabu-shabu way.


Golden (Enoki) Mushroom (Rm 4.9) with half the portion already down the pot.


Beancurd Skin (Rm 7.9)


Meat Ball (Rm 6.9)


Mushroom (Rm 6.9) and Quail Egg (Rm 5.9)


Homemade Squid Ball (Rm 11.9)
The bouncy and juicy one.


Jug of Luo Hon Guo (Rm 9)


What make everything taste great were the chilli dipping sauces. Green chilli and red chilli sauce make the steamboat ingredients extra ohm! Personally, I love the green chilli! Not to miss out the fried garlic. You can chunk the fried garlic into the soup for extra garlic-y flavour or have it with the meat slices. Can’t help asking for more servings too. hehe.

Restaurant Coco Steamboat
No. 2, Lorong Jugra Off Jalan Batu 3,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58700 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 019 – 2776596
Opens daily from 6pm to 11.30pm
Closed on alternate Mondays

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