Dai Dai Dong @ Scott Garden, KL

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When it comes to happy hour place, pretty sure Scott Garden will be in the list. And … this is a new addition to this place.


Dai Dai Dong



A restaurant that serves a selection of street food which consists of Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese; ranging from their signature noodles to rice dishes, grilled stuff and soup. Once seated, we were served with their soothing Signature Welcome Soup. It allowed us to sip on while browsing through their menu. How thoughtful.



Beef Noodle Soup (Rm 16)
Noodles served with tasty beef brisket, muscle meat and beef balls. For their noodles here, you can always choose from mee hoon or kuey teow or others of the choices available.



Taiwanese Meat Sauce Ramen (Rm 16)
Taiwanese style ramen brimmed with mushroom, bamboo shoot, pork belly, minced pork, pork ball and fresh Pok Choy.


Pan Fried Lamb (Rm 25)
Lamb shoulder pan fried in their house’s secret marinade and served in a cube size portion, a convenient munch without the hassle with fork and knife.


Grilled Whole Japanese Squid (Rm 27)
Grilled squid dressed with chopped wasabi and olive oil. A highly recommended dish. The squid was fresh and succulent and the wasabi olive oil sauce did a great job too. It was sharp and spicy; and sourish at the same time. Quite an appetizing dish to chew on.


Chicken Thigh & Leek (Rm 6); Bacon Asparagus (Rm 6); Bacon Enoki (Rm 6); Chicken Skin (Rm 3) infused with garlic- sea salt

Here came the grilled item (priced at Rm 3 to Rm 6 each). We fancied anything that comes with bacon. Bacon wrapped up with ingredients like asparagus (Rm 6), enoki (Rm 6) and tomato (Rm 6). Love the one with the tomato but don’t ever have it all at one go while it’s piping hot. Else it gonna boil your tongue with the bursting cherry tomato on biting. Chicken skin (Rm 3) with garlic wrapped up within was pretty amazing too. Love the fragrant grilled garlic and the crispy chicken skin combination, mildly seasoned with sea salt. Gimme more! Same goes to the beef tenderloin (Rm 6) and beef tongue (Rm 6). Am always a fan on tongue. It was lightly seasoned with black pepper and sea salt; great texture and tasted so great with just simple seasoning. As for the scallop, it was a letdown as the scallop was coated with fishy taste. Hmm


Bacon Tomato (Rm 6)


Scallop with mentaiko


Beef Tenderloin (Rm 6) marinated with yakitori sauce
Beef Tongue (Rm 6) marinated in black pepper and sea salt


Taiwanese Sausage


Asahi (Rm 50 per bucket of 5)
Never go off without a bucket of beef. Definitely a steal and great to go with all the grilled stuff.

While I find their noodle dishes were a little pricey and tasted  just okay and has nothing much to shout out about, their grilled stuff or pan grilled items were pretty something to hunt for. Especially when there are beer to go with the grilled meat and the beer are priced amazingly at a great deal.

Dai Dai Dong Street Food
1st Floor, Scott Garden,
Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur
Open daily from 10.30am till 230am.
Tel: 03-7980-1232

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