Oriental Steamboat @ Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial KL

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I believe; steamboat or hot pot is one of the locals’ favourites, especially on the cool and rainy weather. We love all kind of ingredients, anything from veg to meat to seafood and to noodles to be placed into the pot of soup; once they are cooked, enjoy. Steamboat is often best enjoy with a huge group of people, just like what we did here in Celestial Court.


Celestial Court’s Oriental steamboat promotion is available for dinner from now until 30 December 2014. Set menus are available for a minimum of 2 persons each. You can always add up more orders from the a la carte menu too.


Choose from Celestial Court’s soup/ broths such as the All-time Favourite Soup (Chicken Ginseng Soup and Thai Tom Yam Soup) and Signature Broths (Jade Porridge, ‘Lui Yee Hung’ Chinese Wine with Cordyceps Herbal Soup and Hot Slipper Lobster Soup) which are very different from what’s the other serving. And yes you may choose 2 out of the 5 soup base for per set order. 

‘Lui Yee Hung’ Chinese Wine with Cordyceps Herbal Soup
Made of glutinous rice and wheat, this wine evolved from the Shaoxing tradition of burying it underground upon the birth of a daughter, and serving it at the wedding of the daughter. The soup base was clear and fragrance with the cordyceps, comes with a sharp hint of Chinese wine. It was very soothing and has become my favourite of all.

Jade Porridge
Porridge based vegetarian broth with a blend of spinach, which is claimed to strengthen the bones, nourishes the eyes and contains anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory antioxidants

Hot Slipper Lobster Soup
A fusion of slipper lobster based broth and ‘ma la’ sauce, an ideal soup for those who are looking for something flavourful and numbingly spicy. It was rich with slipper lobster’ essence and spice up with their ‘ma la’ sauce. Not a fan of the numbing effect but a good try.

Chicken Ginseng Soup was something traditional and subtle and I ended the night with few more bowls of the rich ginseng soup. Too good especially having it on the rainy evening!

Also they have ‘Thai’ Tom Yam Soup if you prefer a tangy and spicy twist.


Dump ‘em all in….

Set Menu (per set for 2 pax)


Mushroom Set (Rm 49.90++ per set)
Chinese mushroom, shitake mushroom, maitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, shimeji mushroom, fresh button mushroom, chicken leg mushroom, abalone mushroom, assorted vegetables, Ee fu noodle, chicken farm eggs


Poultry Set (Rm 55.50++ per set)
Chicken slice, Duck slice, smoked duck breast, smoked turkey slice, Jalapeno sausages, black pepper chicken sausages, cheese chicken sausages, spring chicken, assorted vegetables, chicken farm egg, glass noodle


Seafood Set (Rm 68.80++ per set)
Sea abalone slices, white Prawn, flower Crab, mussels, fish slices, jelly fish, crab sticks, fresh oysters, scallops, assorted vegetables, chicken farm egg, rice vermicelli


Celestial Court 天宝阁
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour:
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30 pm;
Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.00 am – 2.30 pm
Dinner (daily): 6.30pm – 10.30pm.
Tel: 03 -2717 9988

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