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ATAS The RuMa (24)

ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery

ATAS, or “upstairs” in Malay, a modern Malaysian restaurant features a chic yet comfortable dining setting with an open kitchen concept. Led by Executive Chef Tyson Gee, ATAS offers delicious fares with specially curated seasonal menu made of the freshest locally sourced produces and ingredients.

As you may find ATAS sounds quite “upper-class”, but the atmosphere seems to be much casual than its name or strict fine dine impression.

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Six Course ATAS Journey

Priced at Rm 228 nett per person
Top up Rm 130 nett per person for wine pairing.

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PS: I am not working with any party, but I find good things are meant to be shared!

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Complementary Sourdough and Multigrain Bread to start, and served with homemade butter.

FIRST Course:

ATAS The RuMa (4)

Blue Tiger Prawn
Betel leaf, charred coconut sambal
This was like the Thai’s mieng kam to me, but in Malaysian style. The combination of the slight bitterness from the betel leaf with the sweetness of prawn and charred coconut bits as the starter; stuff the whole thing into the mouth, give a slow chew and the flavours from each ingredients release slowly and bind together very well.

ATAS The RuMa (5)

SECOND Course:

ATAS The RuMa (6)

Momotaro Tomato
Stracciatella, radish, seaweed
Creamy soft cheese with juicy tomato. It was a creamy yet refreshing combination. As soon as I finished this plate of second course, I already found myself half-full from the course.

THIRD Course:

ATAS The RuMa (7)

Cured Ocean Trout
Puffed tapioca, local herbs, sambal dressing
This must be their signature dish as it appeared in the afternoon tea too. Cured ocean trout with the locals’ favourite – sambal, layered with the puffed tapioca which resemble the crispy keropok; how interesting! You will get the chewiness and crunchiness texture at once; but just a small grip, the trout had a very mild fishy taste on it.

FOURTH Course:

ATAS The RuMa (8)

Lawas Highlands Red Rice
King mushroom, pecorino, wild pepper
I was very impressed with this rice dish. It was very flavourful, packed with slight earthiness of the mushroom and the creaminess of the pecorino cheese. Very aromatic and it really stood out from the other courses. I kept on feeding myself though I promise to share it with my dad.

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ATAS The RuMa (11)


ATAS The RuMa (10)

Charred King Prawns (supplement at Rm 30)
Cultured butter, green sambal, coriander


ATAS The RuMa (14)

Malabar Snapper
Tauchu, passion fruit, ice plant
Another interesting course as tauchu, familiar local ingredients was added into the dish, beautifully contrasted with the sourish passion fruit.


ATAS The RuMa (13)

Corn Fed Chicken
Buah keluak, okra, fermented chili sauce
Portion was pretty huge, with tender and very smooth chicken breast.


ATAS The RuMa (17)

Wagyu Sirloin (supplemented at Rm 100)
Mushroom, garlic flower, spice jus
I requested it to be medium and it was just lovely, very flavourful wagyu sirloin with charred edges. There were more flavours came out as I chewed, combining the fats of the meat and the charred flavour. Delicious.

I’d read from social media earlier that some found the lawas red rice and beef were bland. As for my experiences, both were delicious and both also stood out from the whole course during my visit.


ATAS The RuMa (21)

Pahang Single Origin Chocolate
Mulberries, Sichuan pepper, roselle
Simple sweet ending for the night, loaded with Single Origin Chocolate from Pahang and layered with sweet and sourish berries and touched with Sichuan pepper. Interesting.

ATAS The RuMa (20)

ATAS The RuMa (22)

For reservation, email to

ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery
The RuMa Hotel & Residences
7, Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +60 3 2778 0888

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