Entier’s Weekend Lunch @ Entier French Dining, Alila Bangsar

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Entier, is one of the restaurants I have visited twice in a fortnight during RMCO; for their very value for money lunch course. I had my birthday celebration over here in January , it was quite a wow, but their new menu is wow-er! So here, I group up both of my visit (almost tried out everything from their menu) and pen them down.

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Weekend Lunch Set

2-course menu – Rm 80 nett
3-course menu – Rm 99 nett

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But first, their complementary house-baked Corn Bread and Kombu Butter.
The forever soft center with crispy crust, sweep on a heap of that super delicious and aromatic butter. Super yummy combination.
I even packed away some corn bread and butter from their website. Very happy that they are now offering these for takeaway and we can enjoy them at home!

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and house made pickles

Amuse Bouche

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I forgot the name of these amuse bouche. I like this one during my first visit. It was very inviting, opened up the appetize for coming up courses.

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This was presented during the second visit.


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3-way organic highland beetroot tartare; roasted whole, salad with native dragon fruit and highland herbs.
A refreshing start!

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Salsifis veloute, served along with Arabica kombucha-braised salsifis
This starter has a very acquired taste, either you like it or you dislike it. It was sweet and creamy, but a little satiated when consume more; the kombucha-braised salsifis was a lil’ dry for my liking. I like this to be shared with a few people and not have it all by myself.

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Cauliflower quiche, fresh cauliflower, comte chesse
Layered with textures and it was quite refreshing

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Beef tartare mille feuille topped with poached egg and potato chips
Love this max and I had the whole portion all by myself on the second visit. Runny yolk went through the beef tartare for more creamy texture and that chili oil gave an aroma kick to the dish.

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Mixed highland green salad, pomelo, pomegranate, herbs, calamansi vinaigrette
Another refreshing starter besides that beetroot.


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Bavette steak with fries, beef jus and egg
The beef was tender and richly flavoured, hinted with the aromatic truffle oil too. How not to love?! This protein packed dish had my attention and I went for the whole plate myself too, on the second visit.

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Escargot, handmade semolina pasta, burgundy garlic butter
Refreshing pasta to go with the earthy escargot; buttery yet light.

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Seafood medley ‘risotto’ made with Sarawak heirloom Adan rice and a medley of seafood such as white clam, prawn, cuttlefish, salmon; jam-packed with essence from the sea. I like the rice that is cooked just right and plumped with the juice from the sea.

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Duck & Waffle
Duck leg confit served on the French waffle, sautéed foie gras, egg, ginger glaze and fermented jackfruit.
Quite a new combo to me with jackfruit on the duck waffle! Chef brilliantly incorporate the local ingredients – jackfruits into this dish, giving a special sweetness to the duck.

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Soufflé, 70% single-origin Pahang chocolate, chocolate ice cream.
Still my favourite dessert here. The soufflé was fluffy and rose perfectly to its height. Love the mellow-y texture of the soufflé, packed with rich chocolaty flavour. Pahang chocolate itself has a very unique characteristic; it is fruity with a sourish hint. Love this combo as you won’t feel satiated or guilty finishing the whole.

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White chocolate miso, caramel ice-cream
Ahhhh, that miso caramel ice cream is really something. Sweet and savoury at the same time in the chilling melty ice cream! Love it!

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Cheese & Vanilla
Slice of josper-burnt Basque cheese cake, temerloh vanilla fresh cream

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Chef’s selection of artisanal cheese, grapes, dried fruits.

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They were very sweet to prepare a birthday cake when I mentioned we were there for birthday celebration!

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Weekend lunch course comes with free flow of House-made soda or coffee or tea.

Entier French Dining
Level 41, Alila Bangsar,
No. 58, Jalan Ang Seng, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2268 3819

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