Brasserie 25 @ Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur

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Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur is another new creation of YTL Luxury Hotel, also their second autograph collection hotel. Located at Jalan Kemunting, which is a hidden gem in the bustling busy city center, it features a distinctive vibe and character with a different perspective on the local scene mixed with a bit of edgy style and adventure. One can experience the delicious local food nearby, check out the art galleries and legendary landmark around this area.

Or, guests can choose to dine-in in the in-house French restaurant.


Brasserie 25

A charming French place that stood inside this brand new Hotel Stripes, nailed with red bricks arcades, wooden floors, stylish furniture, warmth and inviting open kitchen where one can admire how the chef and team cooperating with each other to create such marvellous French dishes. The ambience is cosy and hassle-free.





Terrine (Rm 40)
Foie gras terrine, toasted brioche, fig jam.
Rich and extra smooth foie gras terrine, dressed with sweet fig jam; spread over the toasted brioche and that crunchy creamy texture was unforgettable.


Foie Gras Poele (Rm 50)
Pan-seared foie gras with warm onion marmalade and spiced bread.
Simply adore this buttery and creamy fatty pan-seared foie gras. See that buttery juice that oozed out, I was wowed by it! Touched with the sweet onion marmalade on the foie gras on the piece of spiced bread, how not to love this?!




So good!


Escargots (Rm 40)
6 pieces of baked burgundy escargots with garlic herb butter; earthy and buttery. pretty pleasant where this was dosed with garlicky flavour.



Truffle Fries (Rm 15)
It was so fragrant that we couldn’t help munching all night long.


Red Wine (Rm 45/glass)
Some wine to go with this elegant meal?! Chateau St Martin, Bordeaux, France on the call.


Or, a glass of White?


Jous de Boeuf Braisee (Rm 120)
Braised beef cheek in red wine, carrot, mushroom, pearl onion, mashed potato
Omggg! This one had the melt in mouth texture. The meat simply falls apart with just the help of the fork to slice off. We were wowed over by the amazing texture of the beef and its rich and powerful flavour. Portion is pretty huge, we find everything here is good to share.



L’Entrecote de Boeuf (Rm 120)
Char-grilled 200days grain fed Angus rib eye, French fries, brandy cream sauce.
Unlike the usual thick steak that many restaurants will do, this one was thinly slice and I had it done at medium. It was very tender and the longer you chew it on, the more aromatic flavours it came out.



Cassoulet(Rm 60)
Stewed white bean with lamb sausage, duck confit
Another dish that is good for sharing. So huge!!!! Well, good stuff are always meant to be shared.


Canillaud (Rm 80)
Pan roasted black cod filet with ratatouille.
The fish was fresh, thick, firm and bouncy in texture; dressed with the comforting tangy ratatouille. The perfect dish for the rainy night.


La Crème Brulee (Rm 20)


Le Souffle Au Grand Marnier (Rm 30)
Soft fluffy and not overly sweet, paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. How I wish it managed to stay fluff for a longer period of time to capture its most glam moment.


Crepes Suzettes (Rm 30)
Buttery crepe that drenched over with tangy orange sauce. Flat crepe that didn’t look really presentable but remember, never judge the book by its cover. Somehow it was quite delicious!


Les Fromages Fermiers (Rm 50)
A 100 gram selection of gourmet cheese to end our night. Camembert was my fave from this platter. Going great with the dried fruit and cracker and a sip of red wine. How amazing!


The whole dining experience was a superb one, armed with fabulous companions and delectable dishes. Portion can be too huge for one to go (I mean one main course per pax), 2 is perfect, with a little bit of others like appetizer and dessert. Or come with a gang of companion, so you get to order and try more dishes!

For those who are planning a staycation, Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur is having a new opening promotion from now until June, room price starting from Rm 285++ inclusive of a mini bar and wholesome breakfast spread for 2 pax!

Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur
Autograph Collection
25, Jalan Kamunting
50300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2038 0000

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