Hearty Breakie @ Sitka Restaurant, Damansara Heights

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Good Morning Sunday ♥


Put aside the ordinary egg-breakfast like scrambled egg, egg Benedict, baked egg, big breakfast. Here, breakfast comes in an interesting twist. With egg too but they don’t really act as the main character in their dishes.


Sitka Restaurant


A heart warming neighbourhood eatery that stood along at Jalan Batai, decorated in a pretty modern frame. Black wall and furniture and gray bar counter but freshen up with a hint purplish red flowers on the counter and every tables. They offer really good breakfast and affordable lunch, all made with locally source ingredients. Pastries, cakes and coffee are available too. As for dinner, it is available from Thursday to Saturday, 3 nights a week.



Flat White (Rm 10)


Latte (Rm 10)


Quiche was pretty amazing. With very fragrant buttery crust and loaded with a lot of ingredients in the eggy quiche. A must order if you are here.



Breakfast Taco (Rm 20)
I have never thought of taco can be breakfast too! Thin taco stuffed with beef, egg, cheese and appetizing salsa. Just a word, yummy combination! Thinking to have this made at home. But okay, I am lazy. Will just head over here for their taco.



Brisket Hash (Rm 25)
Filled with tender shredded beef brisket, roasted sweet potato, potato, onions and a 63 degree egg. Give everything a stir and enjoy. How great if it is served with more toast.



Breakfast menu starts at 9am and continued with the lunch menu at 11am till 5.30pm. I just can’t wait to try out their lunch menu. I have been eyeing on the buttermilk fried chicken, lobster roll, steamed soft shell crab bao and more of their taco(s). Nom nom nom … BFFs, when is next???!


Sitka Restaurant
8-5, Jalan Batai,
Bukit Damansara,
Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2011-1117

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