Rubberduck @ Plaza Damas, KL

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Brunch out with my Wednes-date Mocas, this time we hopped over to Rubberduck Café which is located in Plaza Damas.

Rubberduck (16)


Used to be only one shoplot but it has now expanded with more space, offers an al fresco setting that is concealed with green potted plants. If I never noticed the shop’s name, I might have missed out this place. Lined with whitish wooden tables, rattan chairs, long tables and cushioned stools. Dine in here gave me a feeling of having a chillax tropical holiday. LOL.

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Rubberduck offers quite a selection of breakfast and pasta menu for you to choose from. Breakfast is available from 8am to 12pm; while after 12pm, there is an assortment of pasta, salad, sandwiches, meat dishes, burgers, pies and rice bowls, all presented in comforting healthy way.

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Flat White (Rm 11), always our pick. One with usual milk while another one was made with oatmilk.

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Rubberduck (3)

Breakfast Wrap (Rm 19)
Warm wrap filled with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, pico de gallo and avocado; appeared in a round fat cylinder form. We love the balance flavours of this wrap, especially the scrambled egg which was fluffy and juicy; smoky salted smoked salmon that matched well with the tomato-onion-cilantro-avocado combination.

Rubberduck (11)

Rubberduck (12)

Open Faced Salt Beef Omelette (Rm 20)
Topped with aragula, tomato and shredded salt beef. However the salt beef was a letdown. It was too dry and chewy to our liking.

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Rubberduck (8)

Lot K-08N, Plaza Damas,
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 8am till 8pm
Sat & Sun: 8am till 6pm

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