Sunbather Coffee @ The Sphere, Bangsar South

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Sunbather Coffee, another fanciful café with instagrammable dishes I have just visited recently.

Sunbather Coffee

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Located in The Sphere at Bangsar South, specializing in Yoshoku dishes, which are the Japanese dishes influenced by western style of cooking; so you may find dishes like curry rice, pasta, hamburg… and some really pretty desserts over here in this café. The café is much decorated in a cozy setting, filled with wooden tables and whitish chairs, there are a “tatami”-style seating area too. Do come over to recharge yourself over some wholesome washoku meal or desserts with a cup of either coffee based beverages or appealing thirst-quencher.

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Flat White (Rm 10)

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Iced Matcha Latte with Hojicha Kanten (Rm 14)
I love this matcha latte with the bouncy doink doink roasty hojicha kanten. Yum

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Earl Grey Latte
Pretty aromatic but we found it slightly on the sweeter side.

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Iced Latte (Rm 14)

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Lavender Lemonade (Rm 13)
Appeared beautifully in purplish pink; made of a combination of housemade lavender syrup and fresh lemon juice. It is said to be a natural remedy for headache and anxiety.

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Sweet Potato Chips with Rosemary Salt (Rm 8)

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Ajitsuke Tamago Sando (Rm 20)
I was caught by this to get me here! A truly wholesome pocket sandwich with thick slices of house-baked dark rye bread, sweet savoury ramen egg, tomato, cheese, furikake, and wasabi mayo for a mild kick. The whole combination sandwiched in between the bread was very well balance. The portion is really huge sandwich and it is good to be shared among 2 so you will have space for other food.

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Came with a soup at lunch.

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Beef Hambagu (Rm 28)
200g juicy hamburg steak made from Australian beef ground and mixed in house served with a choice of steamed Japanese rice or baguette and Demi-glace or japanese curry. We had it with rice and demi-glace, also added-on cheese (Rm 3) and 75 degree egg (Rm 2). The hamburg patty was moist but slightly softer to my liking.

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Lemon Mentaiko Linguine (Rm 29)
Dosed with mentaiko, rocket leaves, herbed lemon oil and drenched in creamy and lemony cheese sauce.

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A stir to mix up everything. Another good stuff for sharing as we find it quite filling to have everything on your own.

I always wanna to try out the Deconstructive Feta Cheesecake that I saw everywhere on social media. However, no luck was with me. The first round I went, it was sold on before 3pm on the Sunday. The second time I went, it was only available after 3pm on a weekday. So, I settled for something else.

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Momoko (Rm 26)
A beautiful peach based creation which was fruity and with soft hint of refreshing sweetness. Made of bright, bubbly flavours of peach gelee, poached pear, apricot ice cream (mine was changed to blue pea ice cream coz apricot ice cream was sold out), yuzu curd, raspberry caviar, citrus lime meringue shard, and the creamy glavours of Madagascar vanilla ice cream, earl grey tea jelly and white chocolate caviar. Pricewise, I find it on a steeper side.

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Hojicha Japanese Roll Cake (Rm 10)
Soft, fluffy and moist sponge roll enrolled with rich and creamy Nama cream filling in the centre. Other flavour such as black forest and matcha are available.

Sunbather Coffee
UG-12, Upper Ground, The Sphere
8, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South City
59200 Kuala Lumpur

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