Mei by Fat Spoon @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

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Appealing and colourful; boosting one’s appetite. Agree???


Mei by Fat Spoon

I believe Fat Spoon is no longer a stranger to many, a vintage café that stood up in Damansara Uptown serving local homey grandma’s recipe. But now, these 2 sisters have expanded and whipped up another type of cuisine in this forever busy food hub. Here in Mei by Fat Spoon, a new kid at Desa Sri Hartamas; serving affordable modern contemporary Japanese cuisine that really wowed my heart.


The premise appeared in elegant white. Stood up at one corner lot and be sure to open your eyes big big because the premise can be quite difficult to allocate. Love its fairly white ambience which is brightly lit and filled with wooden furniture in natural colour. Not to mention the floor-to-ceiling glass window that is often the most strategic seats for best photo shots.

So if you are here for the authentic Japanese dishes; sorry, that will disappoint you. But for the Japanese-inspired dishes, they may surprise you every now and then. From simple snack like edamame and chawanmushi to chicken skin skewers and honey soy gizzard skewers; from rice bowl to spaghetti; and finally the fascinating desserts, you may find surprises in them. We only manage to cover their appetizers and some rice bowls. Will be back to try out more of theirs such as the creative green tea crème brulee and onigiri!!!

mei by fat spoon

Interesting juice that we love.
Orange Juice (Rm 10), Red Juice (Rm 12) and White Juice (Rm 10)

Orange Juice
Orange, apple, carrots, young ginger

Red Juice
Red dragonfruit, watermelon, apple, goji berries

White Juice
All types of white in the glass; coconut + lychee + basil seed


Coffee is available too


So does Tea.


Smoked Duck & Watermelon Salad (Rm 18)
Tender duck meat slices in smoky flavour be friend with watermelon and clashed out an interesting sweet-savoury-smoky combination.


Hokkaido Scallop & Lychee Tartare (Rm 28)
A sweet appetizer with fresh Hokkaido scallops with sweet lychee.

Going for the mains.


Summer Bara Chirashi Bowl (Rm 38)
Yellow tail, salmon, Hokkaido scallops, salmon roe tossed in a light house made dressing and served on a bed of rice. Diced Japanese cucumber, edamame, sesame seeds added in together along with the fresh seafood for a crunchy texture. Such a playful and appealing bowl of rice that no one could resist. Every spoonful of rice was filled with all sorts of ingredients where you could really taste the flavours and freshness. Love the bits of fresh grated wasabi at the side. Price on a higher side but really worth paying for this colourful rice bowl.


Fried Lemongrass Chicken Poppers Rice Bowl (Rm 17)
Crispy fried lemongrass chicken poppers served with cabbage slaw, steamed rice and miso radish soup. The chicken poppers were very crispy and flavoured with lemongrass. So addictive and we ordered extra helpings (just on the lemongrass poppers).



Light Braised Beef Shortribs and Radish (Rm 18)
Resembling a heart homecook dish, served with steamed rich. The braised beef was really tender while the radish has got all the flavour essence absorbed after braising for some times. Can’t go wrong pouring the gravy into the rice, with every essence of it covering the fluffy white rice.



Unagi Rice (Rm 18)
Sliced unagi on rice topped with shiso leaf, edamame, seaweed and garlic chips. Served along with miso radish soup. This is really something to die for. Heavily loaded with ingredients and richly flavoured. They are pretty generous with the grilled eel.



Mentaiko Spaghetti (Rm 28)
Spaghetti tossed in cod roe, topped with torched Hokkaido scallops and ikura. Love the creamy and umami-ness of the mentaiko, with a light spicy hint that flavoured the spaghetti. Kick in an onsen egg for extra ohmmp! I will definitely do it next time since they are serving onsen egg too.

Mei By Fat Spoon
22G, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
Open daily from 10am to 11pm
Contact: +6012 255 2029

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