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I came across this new special course from Umi Omakase from IG ads actually. Curiosity arose and the price fit my pocket. So I decided to visit this place with my partner-in-crime.

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After some chats with the chef, Umi Omakase has just recently launched this Himuka Course, maybe a week ago. This special course is priced at only Rm 133 nett, available at lunch daily. It focuses mostly on cooked dishes. It comes with an appetiser, tempura, chawan mushi, niku ryori (meat dish), a rice dish, miso soup and finally ends with a dessert. If you would like to have sashimi, you may top it up at Rm 68 and it will be served after the appetiser.

One can indulge in a few types of dishes in this course. I find it quite a value for money because I was only paying Rm 133 nett, I get a full Japanese course from appetiser to rice dish and sweet ending. Plus point, I got really delish and juicy fatty A5 Miyazaki wagyu in skewer form and fresh quality of bara chirashi don. Get to know that this course is available for a limited time only and chef himself also unsure this promo is happening until when.

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Himuka Course

Priced at only 133 nett
Available at lunch from 12pm to 3pm, for a limited time only

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Sweet corn, duck with miso, braised sweet fish (ayu), ankimo tofu

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Ayu Fish

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Mehikari (Green eye fish), Shishito, sweet potato; served with Yuzu salt
Green eye fish (new fish in my dictionary!) and the vege were lightly battered and deep fried into perfection. The texture of the fish was really fluffy, delicate and sweet in flavour, lightly dipped in the yuzu salt for an extra savoury tang.

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Chawan Mushi
Steamed egg custard topped with umami scallop and popping tobikko, drizzled with kiku sauce (made of edible chrysanthemum airflown from Japan; chrysanthemum is in the season now!). Beautiful combination but I found it lack of the dashi savouriness. We also found that the chawan mushi is quite huge in portion. LOL.

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Niku Ryori
Wagyu Menchi, Wagyu Kushiyaki, Shiitake Truffle Yaki
Here came the niku ryori which is the meat dish and we both were looking forwards it. Chef used A5 Miyazaki Wagyu in this dish. We were asked to savour these in order starting from Wagyu Kushiyaki, then Wagyu Menchi, and finally the Shiitake Truffle Yaki.

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For Wagyu Kushiyaki, the wagyu were cubed and skewed into skewer form and grilled into perfection. It was so fatty, succulent, buttery and delicious! (I could still drool over it). As for the Wagyu Menchi, they were the juicy deep fried ground meatballs and to paired with the truffle mayo that sat on the side. Truffle mayo on its own has a very light aromatic truffle scent. However, we found the strong flavour of the meatball has overridden the light truffle mayo when they were pairing together.

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Bara Chirashi Don
On a small bed of fluffy rice, loaded with lots of crystal clear looking mixed sashimi, and finally topped with tobikko and strands of fried squid. Brilliant idea using the fried squids as toppings, it gave an extra crunch and umami-ness to the rice dish.

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Miso Soup

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Housemade Cheese Cake

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Early celebration for the partner-in-crime!

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Umi Omakase
Ground Floor, Tower 11, Avenue 5,
No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Lunch: 12pm to 3pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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