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Tatji Katsu

Tatji Katsu is a private kitchen manned by Glenn, the architect and his friend Paul; offers no others but very sincere and homey Japanese cuisine such as tonkatsu with rice, curry katsu and some special seasonal items at limited quantity. Unlike the usual restaurant, it opens only 2 weekends in a month, normally on the last two weeks of the month, Friday to Sunday, lunch and dinner.

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My friends and I wanted to go for lunch but it was fully book, so we got our seats on one of the Saturdays’ evening. Their kitchen studio can only host up to 10 pax at a time. Do make reservation once the dates are open as the seats are selling fast, especially lunch time.

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Karaage chicken (Rm 12) was deep fried into perfection, very well marinated, moist and juicy too!

There are only set meals available for dinner, which comes with appertiser, a drink of green tea or soft drink, a main dish with rice where you can choose between the fried pork with rice bowl (Rm 45 per set) or curry rice (Rm 48). If you fancy a beer, top up Rm 5 for a can of Asahi beer.

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They even provide us extremely chilled glass for our beer. How thoughtful!

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We started off with the Appetizer that comes with Edamame and gyoza. The gyoza were in perfect shape; plump and succulent with pork fillings and ended with a hint of sweet flavor at the end of each chew. How I wish I can remake this at home, but I know that is not possible. They must have put in some secret into the gyoza. Too good!

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I had the Fried Pork Cutlet Sauce Rice Bowl, served with assorted deep fried veggies such as eggplant, mushroom and lotus root on a bed of white fluffy rice and drizzled with their secret sauce. The fried pork was totally greaseless, battered right and very tender. The juice of the fried pork sank in between teeth. Words can’t really describe how I feel towards it. Too yummy, too delicious and I would say it is even better than any restaurant out there. Remember to dip the fried pork cutlet with the mixture of mayonnaise to give an extra kick.

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The set also comes with miso soup, pickles and unlimited top-up for rice and sauce, as you wish.

As I was writing this, I was actually craving for it. However, you can’t get ‘em everyday, but only when they are open again for reservation next month. I guess I still have to wait.

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Fried Pork Cutlet Curry Rice with onsen egg

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Special Hokkaido Set is the special set of the month, only limited quantity available. The owners have just got back from Hokkaido and decided to bring back the flavor of Hokkaido and share it through their dishes.

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This special set has its own table mat, designed and hand drawn by the owner.

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The set came with 3 side dishes using different type of sauces to highlight the side dishes; there were tofu with white soy sauce and garnished with natto kombu, long bean with lightly grounded organic sesame (extremely aromatic!) and spinach with… I can’t remember which sauce for that. Haha.

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This set also came with 2 onigiri (grilled salmon and seafood flakes), prawn katsu and miso soup with Hokkaido white miso.

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Our meal set was then ended with vanilla ice cream with lavender sea salt or vanilla ice cream with red wine sea salt and chocolate sauce. I love the later one!

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We also had the week’s dessert – Banana loaf with vanilla ice cream with lava sea salt! How interesting! Get to know from the owner that the sea salts are actually souvenirs from their friends and they decided to incorporate them into dessert and voila, the sea salts work things out!

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The environment in this space

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If you love to try out this sincere homey Japanese cuisine, remember to check them out on their FB page and IG profile!

Tatji Katsu
Tel: 011-26685884
FB: www.facebook.com/tatjikatsu
IG: tatjikatsu

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