Wheat Field Bakery; baking with lots of loves and hearts!

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Mmmm… The aromatic scents of freshly baked bread and pastries are just so good!
This is the aroma where you could indulge in once you step into this bakery café.





Tucked in Bukit Damansara is this quaint bakery café – Wheat Field Bakery; a Japanese-French-themed bakery and café that serves croissants, Danish pastries, country bread, Japanese sweet buns, cookies as well as Japanese-inspired pastries. Wheat Field Bakery‘s team uses the finest quality of ingredients, flour that are air-flown from France and Japan and uses only 100% pure butter; bakes the goods from traditional recipe and adds in lots of innovative elements. End result, the fresh and delectable baked goodies.




Their baked goods are made from scratch with all fresh ingredients and natural leavening. So, please be patience if you couldn’t get your loaf of sourdough bread or French baguette or multigrain bread or rye bread before 1pm, as all these take long hours of fermentation process, and then shaping and then baking. The fresh bread are available after 1pm.

Now let’s check out what’s on the shelves and chiller…


Variety of pastries







Assortment of Swiss Rolls in the chiller


Variety of bread, you will get to see different kind of bread on the bread shelf everyday as they are on rotation.



It is not just a bakery here; they serve hot food and coffee too!


Cafe Latte


Flat White


Buttery Croissant


What we used to get are the egg tarts with thousand layers flaky pastry or the Portuguese egg tarts with sweet burnt caramelized top. However, in Wheat Field Bakery, they have this German Pudding Tart. Buttery pastry crust with lightly sweeten wobbly egg pudding center; the combination was so great! They are the first one introducing this pudding tart and claimed to be the one and only bakery selling this!


Mont Blanc (Rm 15); one of the premium tarts
A type of French pastry; made from 100% pure chestnut for the paste and nuts. The nuts, the paste, the sponge, the pastry crust; the whole combination was so lovely. Love the sweet pastry base, so fragrant, so buttery. Others that fall in premium tart line are such as Chocolate Breme Brulee Tart and Fragola Tart. Am gonna check them out next time.



Black Forest Cake was great too! So soft and fluffy; very Japanese-liked in terms of texture.


Fluffy buttery raisin scones, love it max!


This is the Sugar Twist from the doughnut corner


Garlic Sausage Sweet Bun


Red velvet Swiss Roll are made from red yeast and filled with lemon cream cheese. Very innovative eh, instead of red velvet cupcakes or whole cake, they are doing them into swiss roll type.

Wheat Field bakery’s team is are baking with lots of loves and hearts. Price wise, the baked goodies are at affordable price. Well, if I am working nearby here, I could just have my meals here, breakfast or lunch or tea … everyday!!! And yeahhh, this is a great place for afternoon tea too, sipping away the cup of coffee and nibble on their cakes and premium tarts…

Special thanks to Kevin for the warmth invitation.

Wheat Field Bakery
No. 14, Jalan Medan Setia Dua,
Plaza Damansara,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens from Monday to Saturday
From 8am to 8pm
Tel: 03-2011 3727

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