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I love afternoon tea and we have a new place for coffee! Wheeeeeeee…..



Last Sunday, she just popped up a spontaneous question for a spontaneous meet up/tea session. We then brought ourselves here in Coffee Stain by Joseph which is located in the happening area, Solaris Dutamas.


Step in, you will in love with the aromatic scent of coffee (if you love coffee) lingering around the café.



Brought to you by the baristas who are passionate in coffee and willing to take a lead of coffee culture into Malaysia; they roast the coffee beans and brewing each cup of coffee with their skills and lots of love. They too, have won numerous awards in the Battle of Baristas. The Baristas are very friendly; they will share with you their knowledge and experience, recommend you the variety of coffee you might love and even ask feedbacks from you after your caffeine fix session.



Stain Club (Rm 16.90)


Flat White (Rm 7.50) with pretty latte art
Creamy velvety smooth cup of caffeinated drink with the right amount of microfoam made of steamed milk, at the right temperature which is just slightly higher than the oral temperature. On the tip of the tongue, I found the microfoam a little little little bit of salty taste which blended so well with the espresso. Hmmm… A very nice decent cup of flat white, a very memorable one (alright, I am now craving for it).


We also had the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Rm 18.90) that comes with a slice of cake of your choice (promotion for the day, I guess).


Mocha cake; chocolaty fluffy piece of cake with crispy nutty bits. The coffee is done by siphoning method; very aromatic one with lightly roasted hint. We enjoy both the coffee and cake


By the way, they won’t serve you any sugar or brown sugar. That’s how coffee mean to be… Sugarless and you are able to taste the real flavour from coffee.

Well, I am not a coffee connoisseur and I am no good in distinguish the taste of acid or fruity or how bold it is in the coffee. Will try my very best in sharpening my senses and receptors. I do love the way they present their coffee here in Coffee Stain and this will be my new place for caffeine fix. 😀

Coffee Stain by Joseph
No. D4-G3-01, Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6211 2022

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Comments (11)

WAHHH…Mocha Cake & Latte look soooo nice

do try out! esp their coffee 😀

lets go again dear!

yes, let’s do it dear!!!
and u went today! ishhhh, know how to tempt me only

Love your pictures! We’re no coffee drinkers, but that coffee art in the first pic is gorgeous; plus that cake looks to die for 🙂


Thank Q Wendy 🙂
i too, not a serious coffee drinker, just a casual one. ^^ that cake is quite nice. i do hope they still have the mocha cake in future

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