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The bubble tea craze is still ongoing and it comes to a situation that more brands are coming in into Malaysia. When it comes to Ochado, I will always go for Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea with Grass Jelly (supposed to be Azuki Beans but I find it was way too sweet to my liking).



Many Thanks to Ochado Kota Damansara for a hearty invitation; besides the Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea, I was introduced to their other signatures and top sellers.


From Left to Right:


1# Shiro Ball Wintermelon
Shiro Ball, literally translated to White Ball/Pearl is a new searies introduced by Ochado. It is actually made from Kanten 寒天 (in Japanese) or Agar (in our language), a gelatin derived from refined seaweed. Crunchy bits that go great with the wintermelon drink. However, if you want me to compare with Gong Cha’s White Pearl, I find Gong Cha’s White Pearl has better and crunchier texture.

2# Shiro Ball Green Milk Tea with 75% Sugar
Fragrant green milk tea with the QQ Shiro Ball


3# Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea with Azuki Beans
My all time favorite. But I always have the Azuki Beans substituted with silky grass jelly.


4# Oreo Chocolate Ice Blended with Pearls 50% Sugar
This has become my brother’s favourite. Creamy and thick blends of oreo cookies and chocolate. Best for sharing as it will fill up your stomach easily.


5# 3Q Passionate Tea 25% Sugar
Sourish and sweet drink; with 3 types of chewy bits in it – pearls, Konnyaky and Nata de Coco


6# Pop Eggs Milk Tea 25% Sugar
Ochado’s signature (the pop eggs) and only limited to 50 servings per day! The Pop Eggs are actually the thin film with coffee liquid enclosed in it. It will pop or burst into coffee liquid and thus gives the milk tea an extra flavour. Do take note that the pop eggs are not very stable for a prolonged period and pop up themselves. Therefore, it is advisable to consume it asap and not leaving for a long time.


7# Fuji Apple Red Tea 50% Sugar
Besides the pop egg milk tea, this has become my new favourite. A refreshing cups of tea with the chewable Konnyaku orKonjac or蒟蒻!


Ochado has now moved from pay-and-take-away bubble tea concept to café and desserts place; where you could sit down, munching on desserts and slurping the drinks and even online with smart gadgets! Yep and now they have Japanese Mille Crepe! The Japanese Mille Crepe made of layers and layers of thin crepe inter-spread with sinful rich and milky cream. Freshly made daily; free from preservative and additive.


Vanilla (Rm 9.90)


Chocolate (Rm 9.90)


Strawberry (Rm 11.90)


Mango (Rm 11.90)

Among all four flavours, I fancy Strawberry Mille Crepe the most. It was light, loaded with lots of fruit bits, tastes slightly sourish, refreshing and never burdens my taste buds. On the other hand, Vanilla flavour was creamier, rich and denser. The Chocolate one was ok, I prefer theirs to the Dreamz Bakery. While the Mango one was not my thing.

Verdict: And now, of all the brands I have tried, Ochado’s tea remains the top one in my list. Besides the Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea, Fuji Apple Red Tea with Konnyaku and Pop Eggs Milk Tea will be my new favourites! 😀 Ochado’s Milk Tea and Japanese Mille Crepe make a perfect combination.

Ochado 茶の道
20-1, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 6151 7100
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ochado-Kota-Damansara/248134591927158
Ochado Malaysia: https://www.facebook.com/OchadoMalaysia

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8 thoughts on “Ochado 茶の道 @ Kota Damansara”

  • The crepes look nice – cheaper than at Tokyo Street (RM10.50) and those tasted horrible!!! Hope these are much nicer… I’m not into all those bubble teas though…

    • ohh, i have yet to try the crepe from tokyo street. ochado’s one is nice. do try the strawberry one if you lighter version of crepe or the vanilla for creamier version 😀
      i myself love the strawberry crepe

  • Ochado is top of my list too! (^^). I normally go for the Pearl Milk tea (not adventurous with drinks) and the Mango Millli Crepe get my thumbs up! Heard that the cakes are supplied by Food Foundry in PJ though. I will try the Strawberry M/C next time.

    • you must try the strawberry mille crepe! super refreshing and nice one. but then i dun quite like the mango lar (personal opinion only) hehe
      try the other milk tea?! theirs are good and aromatic with real tea flavor!

    • hie Raymond, how about their roasted milk tea? and if you love green tea, try my all time favourite okinawa matcha, and also the pop egg milk tea 🙂

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