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Ramen revolution: High Quality and affordable ramen.
Strictly no MSG, no soup concentrates, and no artificial flavouring added in.

That’s the philosophy that strictly holds by the Ikuzo Ramen.


Ramen is one of the necessities among the Japanese and that’s what they often slurp up daily. Ikuzo Ramen is here, offering what’s Japanese often have and pricing them at a very affordable price so that we people can enjoy a great healthy bowl of ramen frequently without paying an arm or leg on them. In Ikuzo Ramen, Chef Shimbo Katsunori is the one holding his magic wand, creating and preparing every single recipe using only fresh ingredients behind the scene; boiling the soup base using pork and chicken bones for hours.


Decorated with lots of quirky posters, telling everyone about their aim – ramen revolution

Let’s start with some appetizer before going into ramen – the main course.


Wafu Kyuri Salad和风青瓜沙拉 (Rm 2)
Fresh crunchy cucumber slices with the tangy Japanese vinegrette dressing (the Wafu Dressing – the house’s recipe).

Coming soon, Ikuzo Ramen is going to launch their other sauces/ dressing for salad. You could always opt for cucumbers, celery or turnips and go with the dressings as salad.


1. Wafu dressing – Japanese vinaigrette dressing
2. Teriyaki dressing
3. Seaweed wafu dressing
4. Ume Jiso dressing (Plum)
5. Gomadare dressing


Four of the dressings are soon to be launched (or maybe already in the menu *wink*). Personally, I love the seaweed and gomadare the most! It was intensified with seaweed / nori and the latter one (black sesame) was thick and aromatic! Check out http://gorillacooks.com/ for more information on these dressing. Between, you can purchase online too!


Gyoza 饺子(煎)(Rm 4.50 / 5 pieces)
Japanese potstickers made of minced chicken. Best to go with their chilli oils and ponzu.


Harumaki (Rm 3.90 / 2 rolls)
Pork spring rolls; the crispy golden brown skin with juicy pork fillings wowed our hearts!


Okonomiyaki日式烧饼 (Rm 4.50)
Japanese pancake; topped with mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and pickled ginger. Their version is slightly thicker than what we usually had in the Japanese restuarant. Still prefer those thinner versions and served in pizza cuts size.


As for the Ramen, Ikuzo’s ramen is made from Rye flour. Rye flour contains high nutritious values; rich in iron, protein calcium, vitamin Bs & E and it is also high in fiber. Rye cereal has a very low Glycemic Index (GI) of only 34 and low-GI diet is associated with the reduced risk of obesity. And according to Ikuzo, at 22.6g/100g, the fiber content in rye flour is 2 and 10 times higher than that of whole wheat flour (12.2g/100g) and refined wheat flour (2.7g/100g) respectively. This super high fiber content, however, gives a different twist to the texture and feel of the ramen made from rye flour as compared to those made from wheat flour.

You could choose between 2 types of texture – Thick (Hokkaido) 粗状(北海道) or Thin (Tokyo) 细状(东京)to go with the broth.


And there are 10 types of condiments available on the table for you to spice up your ramen!

1. Chili paste 辣椒酱
2. Sliced garlic 蒜头片
3. Pickled chili 酸辣椒
4. Shicimi 七味辣椒
5. Ginger 酸姜
6. Ponzu 日式柚子醋
7. Peanut 花生酱
8. Fried shallots 葱油酥
9. White pepper白胡椒粉
10. Chili Oil 辣椒油

Suggestions/ recommendation to make your ramen soup nicer with the condiments:
Shoyu-based soup 酱油汤底 – add pepper (Vinegar – optional)
Miso-based soup 味噌汤底 – add shicimi powder (ground red chili pepper)


Cha-Shu Ramen叉烧拉面 (Rm 8.90) – shoyu paste
It is served with 5 pieces of porky cha-shu, seaweed and spring onions in their signature shoyu-based soup. Simple yet superb ramen dish that marked the beginning of their ramen revolution! Do opt for Tokyo (thinner noodles) to go with shoyu soup base so that it will be able to absorb more broth for more flavours when slurping up the noodles.


Tokyo Ramen 东京拉面 (Rm 7.90) – shoyu paste
The classic favourite – Famous ramen dish
In the shoyu-based soup are the cha-shu, bamboo shoots, spinach, egg, and seaweed.


Hokkaido Ramen (Rm 8.50)
The classic miso-based soup served with pork cha-shu, bamboo shoots, spinach, bean sprouts, and sweet corn.


This is my favourite!!! Very well balance in terms of taste and nutrition; love the broth-t miso-based soup!


Yakiniku Ramen (Rm 8.50)
Marinated and grilled beef slices with cabbage kimuchi in shoyu-based soup.
The gang’s favourite!


Curry Tan Tan Ramen (Rm 6.90)
Love some heat in your ramen? This will be the one. Spicy ramen dish made with “mala” spices and minced chicken.


This one has the strongest taste among all the other soup base ramen. Somehow, it was quite strong to me.


Curry Ramen (Rm 7.90)
Served with breaded pork fillet and egg. Unlike the usual Japanese curry we normally had, this one was something that made to the suit the local tastebuds.


Yuzu Ice Cream (Rm 3.90)
The refreshing saviour for the scotching hot day! This is their homemade ice cream!


Of course not to miss out their special beverages too!.

1. Green Tea Milk with Yuzu Ice-cream (RM5.90)
2. Root Beer Vanilla Float (RM5.90)
3. Ginger Green Tea with Yuzu Ice-cream (RM5.90)
4. Green tea milk 绿茶奶


Fancy the Green Tea Milk with Yuzu Ice-cream the most! The milk tea was rich and creamy and strongly flavoured with green tea. Definitely can beat those from the bubble tea brands out there!


Ikuzo Ramen Bots as the double sweet ending.


Thanks to Debbie, Andy, the lovely designers and Ikuzo Ramen for having us over.

Looking for affordable udon place? Here is one for you too!

Ikuzo Ramen
No. 52, Jalan SS2/61
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7873 3110
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/IkuzoRamen

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6 thoughts on “Ikuzo Ramen @ SS2, PJ”

  • Wah, the price very reasonable leh! I love Ramen but one of my … “boh song” feeling whenever eating is the Price! Bowl of noodle with egg and some pork rm30++?!? Good to see we have actual reasonably priced alternatives now!

  • Honestly, the taste is super bad!! I went there once, but I will never go back, even the price is cheap!!(not only me say like this, people around me been there before also hv same comment)
    I can’t taste any Japanese ramen feel, it just a normal mee for me and with a bad taste!
    I am a ramen lover, for me the taste for the ramen soup is so important, their soup is taste like water!! The waiter mention to me, they hv a lot of condiment for us to add to the soup… Is so funny for me!! If they hv a good ramen soup, why we need to hv so many condiment??? And their condiment never make the taste better!!
    Now come to the ingredient. My first Impression when I saw the bowl of ramen is…. WHAT THE Fxxx??!!!! My god, what is this??? I never see ramen using this kind of vege?? @@’
    I know they are selling ‘cheap’, but please be sincerity also!!! I don’t think that is a quality ramen!! I better pay more to hv a nicer & sincerity ramen!
    I feel very disappointed with Ikuzo!! Really is ‘ cheap thing no good’

    • well, i do have to say, as if compared to those upper end type of ramen, this one is uncomparable with the others. i find that the noodles itself are good though.

      have you found your most loved one? do share with me 🙂

    • Hi Nee,

      We thank you for the feedback you’ve given to the website owner. However we felt that we needed to clarify some questions and issues.

      Ikuzo Ramen’s ramen is the brainchild of our Japanese chef Shimbo Katsunori. He comes from Tokyo, Japan and everything was made using his recipe, soup, ramen, sidedishes, donburi and beverages.

      When we started Ikuzo, we wanted to be different from the ramen restaurants out there. We do not want to be selling the same ramen that they sell with the same price range of RM20-RM30.

      Ramen comes in many forms, and true enough there are a lot of ramen restaurants out there who has the thick and porky soup base. Ikuzo is NOT that kind of restaurants. Our soup is clear and light because we do not use ANY MSG, flavouring or pork concentrates in it. It is made 100% using natural ingrediants. Also the fact that we wanted customers to come back on a frequent basis, hence if our soup is really thick, they will get… “jelak”? 🙂

      Our condiments are there for a reason. Its not because our soup is light so that you need to add the condiments. Its because everyone’s preference of taste is different. Some wanted more spicy, garlicy, etc etc, so we gave them the option to revolutionize their ramen. Meaning they can “make” their soup as rich as they want it to be 😀

      We use local ingredients instead of imported ones because if we do import, our cost will go up and we can’t fulfill our promise of giving the mass market the ramen at such an affordable price! Support the local food industry ma 😉 But that doesn’t mean we stinge on the quality. Quality of the ingredients is still our top priority.

      Lastly, we thank you for the feedback and hoped that with this clarification you would understand better what Ikuzo Ramen is all about.

      Ikuzo Ramen Management Team

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