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Ahhh, any big fan of pastries here?!

Sunyay Bakehouse

Located in Empire Damansara, this new kid on the block is definitely a paradise for bread and pastry lovers; specializing in a great variety of fluffy breads, flaky buttery Danish pastries and dainty cakes and delicate petit gâteau.

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Aside from bread and pastries, they offer a great selection of Japanese-inspired hot dishes such as Unagi Don, Wafu Cream Pasta, Napolitan Spaghetti, Teriyaki Chicken Bagel Burger, Japanese Katsu Curry Fried Rice and many more.

That’s a perfect place not only for breakfast or brunch, also a great place for lunch and afternoon tea too.

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The premise takes place at the first floor; extremely warmth and welcoming, with bright dazzling sunlight shining through the glass windows, creating an extra warm-heartedness and lovely ambience.

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Once entering the premise, you will be greeted by these lovely baked goods at the pastry counter. Colourful and vibrant! How can one not being attracted by all these fluffy buttery pastries.

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Strawberry, Blueberry, Orange, Honey Dew, Green Grape Danish, each of them is priced at Rm 12. Danish pastry shell layered with frangipane cream, fruits filling, and vanilla Chantilly cream and dressed with colourful fresh cut of fruits.

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Most special one has got to be the Daifuku Anko Danish (Rm 14), inspired by the Japanese wagashi – Daifuku. Layered with frangipane cream, homemade red bean paste, Chantilly cream, beautified with Korean strawberry, mochi and strawberry jelly layers. The pastry was crusty buttery, packed with multi textures from the creamy creams, mushy red bean paste, chewy mochi and jelly layers, and juicy fruits. The whole combination is truly happiness to the palate and tummy.

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Sunyay Citron (Rm 16)
Lightly sweeten soda drinks with citrusy scent and tangy flavour. Such a thirst quencher for the hot day like now!

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Mint Lime Soda (Rm 16)

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Flaky, crumbly, buttery and huge, made with Elle & Vire butter; it was very buttery and very aromatic!

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German Baked Pudding
Buttery flaky pastry puff filled with crème brulee filling, eggy, smooth and creamy!

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Taro Melon Bun
Sweet bun topped with crumbly crust and sandwiching a layer of smooth taro paste and thick slice of butter.

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Matcha Strawberry Melon Bun

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Garlic Cherry Tomato (Rm 13.5), German Smoked Spicy Sausage (Rm 14.5)
Both savory pastry puffs are the crowd pleasers. Garlic cherry tomato has got a fresh tang from the cherry tomatoes sweetness while the sausage one is smoky with spicy kick.

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Teriyaki Chicken Bagel Burger (Rm 38)
Tomato, lettuce, caramelised onions and thick juicy slice of teriyaki chicken, sandwiched in between the fluffy bagel, topped with a fried egg and side with criss cut fries. Really huge in portion! Teriyaki chicken was very well seasoned, really flavourful.

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Coconut Calamansi (Rm 20)
Almond sable, green tea coconut dacquoise, calamansi curd, coconut mousse
Light and delicate, jam-packed with textures and flavours. On the palate, you will first get the smooth and velvety coconut mousse, paring the sourish yet refreshing calamansi curd, then the crumbly coconut dacquoise with rich matcha flavour and finally the buttery almond sable towards the end.

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Mangue Passion (Rm 18)
Vanilla sable, almond sponge, passion jelly, mango mousse
This one has more intense in flavours, rich mango interlacing with tangy passion, and layered on almond sponge and vanilla sable. Delicate as usual.

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Can’t really decide which I like more, so I love both! LOL. As these two petit gâteau are very delicate, I would suggest having them during dine in.

So, breakfast, brunch, lunch or afternoon tea, which one for you?

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Sunyay Bakehouse
First Floor, Empire Damansara,
111, Jalan PJU 8/8A,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya.
Opens from 8am to 5pm
Closed on Tuesdays.

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