Artisan Roast HQ @ Section 13, Petaling Jaya

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A dose of coffee acts as a booster to my body cells.



Artisan Roast HQ, a very spacious 2 levels coffee place that is situated in the semi industrial area Section 13 PJ; serves cups of good coffee for its patrons. Rainy days, I was here with my caffeine-addict-friends, several times. As we pushed open the huge glassy door and hopped in, there was an inviting scent welcoming us, the aromatic scent of coffee. Tall ceiling, red brick wall, the unfurnished cement floor, wooden tables and chairs setting and sometimes you might get colourful fluffy pillows on the bench. Order yourselves a cup of espresso-based coffee at the counter. If you fancy something different like single origin, you could always opt for one at the brew counter. The barista will make you something special or maybe different. Not quite sure if they served any hot food or light meals yet; as on my visits few weeks ago, there were only coffee and desserts.






Americano (Rm 5)


Flat White (Rm 10)
A nice touch with milk; done at the right temperature for my oral cavity. Somehow, I do prefer coffee from somewhere else to here. *Personal preference*


Cappuccino (Rm 10)


Carrot Cake (Rm 5)


Zesty Lemon Slice (Rm 5)
Tangy and zesty, yes. But coated with a layer of sugar; it was on the sweeter side.


Cheesecake (Rm 10)
Dense, creamy and forever yummy. My friend has got me into their cheesecake. Love it especially there is a thin layer of ganache lined in between the creamy cheese layer and cookie base. Such a great dessert to go with sips of coffee.


Jaffa, Grasshopper, Caramel (Rm 2 each)
Grasshopper was minty and caramel was sticky with thick caramel. Jaffa was my favourite, with fruity orange layered within the slice.


We had the barista did us a cup using Aeropress too.




One dose of coffee actually wakes my cells up on the rainy day. Don’t forget to be with a novel or a magazine when you are here. Don’t just keep looking into your smart phone or gadget. Sometimes we do need some times for this.

Had your dose today?
I haven’t!!! Who can deliver one to me???

Artisan Roast HQ
Chery Building,
Jalan 13/2, Seksyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7931 8978
Opening hours:
Mon – Fri from 8am to 12am
Sat, Sun & PH from 9am to 12am

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9 thoughts on “Artisan Roast HQ @ Section 13, Petaling Jaya”

    • 哦,是哦.
      我刚开始的时候,也是会不适合喝, 尤其是比较平价的即溶咖啡.

  • Hi there, I am pretty sure their americano/long black is RM5, one of the cheapest yet great long black in KL/Selangor.

  • The Barista and the counter guy can just go fuck themselves in the ass!

    I paid a visit to this joint and had to put up with this counter young chap’s bad attitude and service, followed by a cup of coffee with the Barista don’t even know how to froth the milk properly.

    Seriously they call this HQ? Well, I rather stick back to the old school Malaysia kopitiam with a cup of kopi-o that cost only RM2.

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