Xiao by Crustz @ Happy Mansion, Section 17 PJ

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From home-baking online business and expand to offline physical café/shop; this is what I love seeing, which means I get to try their creation anytime any day and not just limited to ordering for parties.

Xiao by Crustz


A classy new face is now stood up in this quiet Happy Mansion neighbourhood, giving a contrast appearance to this area. Manned by this young passionate pastry chef, Xiao-Ly and her sister and team, Xiao by Crustz is specialized in gateau-style pastries, which are fine, classy and elegant; the perfect petite dessert for afternoon tea.


Due to the kitchen has taken up most of the area for the productions and creations, there are only a limited number of tables for dine in. Love the seats by the wall to floor glass window, which allows the natural sunlight fall through for photos and Instagram purpose. But then the sun is having a real bad fever these days, so it can be a little warm with this sunlight driving in crazily. The premise opened at around 3, and we were there at around 4 plus. Sad to see most of the delights are sold out (that’s really super fast!!!). But still, we managed to grab a few of them.



Beverages here are simple; you may find some tea selection offered here, simple French press coffee and chilling fizzy drink.


Sweet Camomile Tea (Rm 9)


French Press (Rm 9)


Pa-Macha (Rm 12)
Pate a Choux, Green Tea Crème Diplomat, Passion Fruit Jelly
Vibrant velvety aromatic green tea cream diplomat beautifully assembled on the fluffy choux pastry. What I love most is the passion fruit jelly that hidden inside the choux, tangy and adventuring. Never know the light pastry cream which is richly flavoured with green tea went so well with the tangy sourish passion fruit jelly. Perhaps one may find it too sourish, but I am pretty amazed with this combination.




Goma goma (Rm 16)
Éclair, Sesame Ganache, Hazelnut Mousseline
The combination that wouldn’t go wrong. It was nutty, creamy and had this hint of sesame and hazelnut combo lingers round the oral cavity.



Realised we had 2 puffs, so we added on another one elegant piece – Le Cerf (Rm 16).
Crispy Cumble Base, Hazelnut Dacquoise, Ganache Molleuex, Milk Choco Chantily
A lovely piece that came layering with multi texture; creamy, buttery, crispy, crumbly… these are what I love seeing in French style pastry. Complicated yet not confusing, fancy yet refined at the same time.



Didn’t manage to get a glimpse on Le Citron and La Vie En Rose but I will be there as early as possible to get them out. #kiasu


Homemade jam are available too!

Xiao by Crustz Patisserie Café
B-G-6, Happy Mansion,
Block B, Section 17,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening hours:
Tues – Sun: 3pm til 10pm
Closed on Mondays

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