5 Must-Try Desserts in Tokyo

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Ermmm, well, not exactly just in Tokyo as some of them have chains all over Japan, and some have expanded to countries like Taiwan and Thailand.

5 Must-Try Desserts in Tokyo

1. Pablo Cheese Tart


You may find this is a little overrated but it is definitely not to me.



Huge baked cheese tart, with buttery flaky pastry layer encasing the cheese filling. You may choose between rare or medium. The rare cheese tart is their signature with the gooey madness cheese fillings that comes just right in terms of taste and amount; never made you feel satiated (jelak) even eating the whole of it!


I randomly found this in Shibuya after having a shabu-shabu lunch and we just took away the medium cheese tart (¥ 741). Dare not take the risk of getting the Rare one since we had lots of walking to do.


There are only a few Pablo Café in Japan and the others are kiosk or shop-liked selling cheese tart. I managed to visit one of the cafes in Osaka. Will blog about my experience in Pablo Café very soon.

2. Sadaharu Aoki

It’s good to have a sibling who is working as a patisserie chef; this is what you get to try. I know nuts about these patisserie chefs till my brother told me how great they are. This one, my bro had been nagging me since day1 of the trip till… I managed to come across this, sort of… randomly towards the final of the trip.


Sadaharu Aoki青木定治 is a Japanese pâtissiers in Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki in Paris. He is well known for incorporating Japanese ingredients and flavours into French-style pastries. Hence, you may find ingredients like yuzu, red bean, black sesame and matcha in his creation.


Got his signature –Bamboo バンブー (¥ 891); layered with green tea and chocolate which were intense and richly flavoured yet not overpowering in stealing each other’s limelight. Amazing!!!



マロン フリュイ ルーヅュ (¥ 891) made of chestnut which is available during that season.



Also the chocolate canelé which was very rich and yum!

Prisewise, it is considered expensive(if to convert to our standard) for the piece of delight but I find it worth every cent spent.

3. Wittamer

From Brussels to Japan, you just can’t resist what’s their offer in the cakes showcase. And I don’t remember what I bought.



4. ZAKUZAKU Croquant Chou

From Hokkaido
The BEST cream puff sticks ever!!!


I am not exaggerating as it was really very good!!! Just look at the queue.


Love their concept of factory = shop, made with newest technology and milk from the farmers. The croquant chou is freshly baked in store and stuffed with lovely milky custard cream. Best to be consumed within 2 hours




Crunchy bits of almond coated on the fluffy puff with velvety mellow fragrant custard cream fillings. It will make you keep going back for more!!!



¥ 250 for 1pc and ¥ 1,450 for 6pcs. Limited to only 12 pieces per customer.

Zaku Zaku / ザクザク
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-38-1, Lumine Est Shinjuku Branch, basement level 1
東京都新宿区新宿3丁目38番1号 ルミネエスト新宿店地下1階
Opening hours:
weekdays 11 am to 10 pm
Weekends and holidays 10:30 am to 10pm

5. BAKE Cheese Tart

Also from Hokkaido. And they are in many other countries.






What makes it so special???
The crunchy double-baked buttery pastry base which is created from cookies and filled with cheese mousse that is made of 3 different types of cream cheese; the well-balanced cheese fillings with cheese from Hakodate and Betsukai with the saltier French cheese. And they are all freshly baked! Ahhhh. So cheesy, buttery and fragrant. If you love anything with cheese, you sure love this!

¥ 200 for 1pc and ¥ 1,150 for 6pcs.

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