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After the successful set up of Manmaru Udon まんまる in Mid Valley Megamall, the management of Manmaru has decided to expanded and brought in new dining concept which serves mind-blowing dishes where diners will wow over to their orders. So in this newly-revamped mall, Atria Shopping Gallery in PJ housed this …


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (I wow-ed out loud just like this)

Manmaru Robatayaki

Robatayaki is a type of cooking method which is quite similar to barbeque where foods on the skewers are slow-grilled over the hot charcoal fire (in a “standing” position) until perfection. This modern Japanese restaurant is specialized in this cooking method, with an array of air-flown fresh seafood showcased at the robatayaki counter. And speaking of robatayaki, what is the best companion for all night long?! Answer is… the booze. And booze or the cocktails here in Manmaru Robatayaki are pretty fancy *lol. Sounds so alcoholic*.


Apple Gravity Beer (Rm 28)
Like having the beer in space, with inverted beer slowly fall off as you consume.


Smokey Honey Land (Rm 28)


Hanakotoba (Rm 30)
I fancied this!!! With the soft floral hint lingered round the oral cavity as the aftertaste. One more please!


Spring Peach (Rm 25)


Smoked & Plum Galaxy (Rm 39)

Manmaru has just launched the Omakase Menu (Chef Recommendation Course). Omakase お任せ means “I’ll leave it to you” and one would expect some extraordinary dishes specially crafted by the chef with the daily’s fresh ingredients. Here in Manmaru Robatayaki, you may expect the dishes are playful and fun-filled. Every dishes handcrafted by the chef are not just yummy but very creative and innovative; for both the eyes and palate. Pricewise, it is pretty affordable and definitely worth every cent spent. The 5 course menu is priced at Rm 180 per pax while the 7 course menu is priced at Rm 280 per pax. Many thanks to Manmaru, we were the very first who get to try out their amazing Omakase Menu.


First course: A platter of 5
The appetizer course made of yuzu, unagi karaage, tofu, corn and rice ball.


Second course: Assorted fresh sashimi arranged prettily with colour coordinate.


Third course: Wagyu Beef
We ohh-ed and ahh-ed after seeing this beautifully seared wagyu beef cubes placed on a sliced of green leaf and decorated prettily with so much colourful petals. Tastewise, it was superb and no word can describe it. I still remember the melt-in-mouth texture that landed on the tongue. Juicy, succulent meat layered with char-grilled fats. Perfecto.


Fourth Course: Foie Gras
Little crab is fishing the foie gras. This is another wow factor that hit us all. The chef is really good in plating. Just too pretty to be eaten. The foie gras was prettily seared, rich and creamy with a melt in mouth texture.



Fifth Course: Grilled fish


Sixth Course: Noodles
Springy smooth Japanese noodles in thickened broth.



Seventh Course: Coconut Ice Cream (Rm 18 for a la carte)
The creamy homemade coconut ice cream appealingly served in the coconut shell.


Other dishes from their a la carte menu are equally amazing.


Momotaro Salada (Rm 18)
This is not just the ordinary tomato but air-flown Japanese tomato stuffed with crab mayo. Sourish-sweetness overloaded!!!


Unagi Karaage (Rm 40)
Crispy fried unagi served with the homemade sesame dressing. Ohhh boy, I love this snack. The unagi chips were crispy and fragrant. Not to mention their special dipping sauce to go with the unagi snack bits too. One of my favourites!



The Deep Treasure (Rm 28)
Crispy deep fried prawn ball drenched with appetizing tangy spicy mango puree. Really yum!


Coral Bash (Rm 18)
Colourful, fancy, vibrant. The prettiest appetizer I have ever seen. This fusion potato salad is just too beautiful, like a piece of art for the eyes and refreshing for the palate. Do allow the kitchen to have 20 mins of preparation time for this.


7 types of Sashimi (Rm 180)




Salmon Lover (Rm 68)
Salmon sashimi, salmon nigiri, salmon maki and ikura gunkan.



Salmon Ikura Millefeuille (Rm 45)
Another beautiful art kind of dish you must order. Little crabbie standing on the bed of salmon, ikura and caviar; drenched in the spicy but refreshing wasabi cream sauce. Best eaten with the crispy thin crackers served at the side.




Goshiki Kaki Tofu (Rm 24)
Deep fried beancurd topped with dancing bonito flakes and sautéed oysters.



Hotate Chawan Mushi (Rm 30)
Modern style steamed egg custard with scallop. So silky smooth!


Ikura Chawan Mushi (Rm 28)
Steamed egg custard with salmon roe


Foie Gras Chawan Mushi (Rm 30)
Steamed foie gras egg custard with Mock Sharkfin gravy. Soft silky smooth egg custard topped with the creamy melt-in-mouth foie gras cube. Omggg, this was heavenly good!!!!


Pacific Ocean Grill (Rm 68)
Grilled assorted seafood with lemon and garlic sauce.


Kushiyaki Moriawase (Rm 68)
Assorted skewers combination; gimme a beer please! Kushiyaki is always the best to go with the beer, especially this one comes with a variety of well marinated meat source, from the sea to the land.


Lobster Roll (Rm 88)
Lobster makimono topped with mango slices. It’s definitely worth paying for if you fancy lobster. They used the whole lobster in this makimono. Fresh, tangy, savoury at the same time.



President’s Roll (Rm 78)
The giant side makimono; made of toro, foie gras, wagyu, crabmeat, prawn and coated with chicken floss on the outer layer.


Wafu Spaghetti (Rm 48)
Braised spaghetti with flower crab and assorted seafood.


Mango Gyoza (Rm 19)
New thing eh, fruits in gyoza but I still prefer the savoury gyoza that stuffed with meats and pan-grilled into perfection.

Okay.  ごちそう さま でした
Thanks for the meal. It was a great feast! Remember to check out this place that, omakase menu here are pretty affordable and you are assured walking out with heavy stomach. It’s like having fine dine quality meal without burning a hole in your porket. Dishes here are pretty for the sight and amazing for the palate!

Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar
Ground Floor,
Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Located right opposite Nando’s
Tel: +603 7733 1038
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm

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