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What comes into your mind when you think of Sushi???


Back then, we had Sushi King as the only choice to go for, but now…
there are Zanmai, Kita no Zen…

and besides the above Sushi places, glad to have another one mushroomed out – Sushi Tei. Originated from Singapore, Sushi Tei has expanded the business to China, Indonesia and Australia. Bringing quality food and fresh ingredients and charges you at a reasonable price, that’s the place i will visit!


Edamame (RM 4.80)- lightly seasoned with salt


Chuka Idako (RM 6.80)


Wakame Salad (RM 11.80) – A light and refreshing salad with lots of green in it and finally topped with the chewy seaweed


Kani Avocado Salad (RM 14.80) – neatly arranged with crab stick, avocado, tobiko and fresh greens. Additional of salad sauce gives a tang to it. 


Asama (RM 23.80) -consists of Salmon, Tai and Hamachi; assorted fresh Sashimi in thick cuts.


Tempura Moriawase (RM 13.80) – this has to be taken when it is still piping hot. It will turn out to be greasy if you left it for some times. 


Takoyaki Balls (RM 8.30) – generous ingredients inside and garnished with the ‘dancing’ bonito flakes. A good snack as starter


Tosa (RM 22.80) – comes 14 pieces of assorted sushis


*Tuna Cheek Steak – Well marinated with teriyaki sauce and grilled charred-ly. It boosted our taste buds 


Teppanyaki Chicken (RM 16.80) – juicy and succulent boneless chicken cubes. Wish the taste could be as strong as the above one. 


Meat Gyoza (Rm 9.80) – the minced meat inside was really juicy. You could never say No to this. 


*Sushi with Mentaiko – a spicier version of sushi that suit the Malaysian taste buds



*Volcano Maki (RM 7.80) – This really ‘erupt’ like volcano; with melted cheese roll topped with seaweed and tobiko. You will ‘wow’ over it. 


*Crunchy Tuna Roll (RM 18) – deep fried into perfection; crispy version of sushi roll filled with tuna. oh, love it. and there is a sauce to go with these (if i am not mistaken)


*Deep Fried Shirauo – lightly salted deep fried crispy whitebait is something good to go with sake. Cheers!


Shio Ice Cream (RM 8) – love this the most! with savoury taste in the desserts!


Goma Ice Cream (RM 7) & Yuzu Ice Cream (Rm 7)


Chocolate Wafer (RM 7.50)


Pino – original (RM 8)


Sushi Tei launched a new seasonal menu in conjunction of the New Year and the menu will end on 31st March 2011. The new items are marked as * asterisk sign on above. 

Looking for a sushi place??? Here is a good one. 

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Sushi Tei
Lot G-16, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS20/27, 
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77289299 
Fax: 03-72884299

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