Malayas Bistro @ CapSquare, KL

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You may think, Tapas is something that is only available in Spanish menu;
Well, not really as you can get Tapas in Malaysian style here in Malayas Bistro, CapSquare


Once I sat in here, I felt relax. I could just sit in here for the whole night, swaying along the music played by the super cool surround system, singing along with the Live Band (his voice is so cool!)…


Malayas Bistro, a hidden gem that is located in this hidden CapSquare; with the help of map, we managed to reach after some rains and bad traffics.

Dim light creates a cozy atmosphere for dining and a drinking session or two after long-day -hard-work. I would say, this is a great place ‘happy-hour-ing’ with colleagues and friends. You may find breakfast, lunch, tea time and show time in different menu.  




Refreshing Juices

Here comes the Tapas in Malaysian style!


Vegetables Pakora (RM 4.50) – Malaysian way of tempura


Calamari Rings (RM 5.40) – Fresh chewy calamaris encased with batter


Seasoned Minced Lamb Fried Bites (RM 4.50) – Samosa that filled with succulent minced lamb. 


Golden Fried Lotus Root (RM 4.50) – A great snack to go with a drink or two


Grilled Chicken Wings (RM 6.30) – well marinated and grilled to perfection, it was so lip smacking good!


Golden Fried Ikan Pari (RM 5.40) – normally we had grilled ikan pari, but this one – coated with curry powder and deep fried perfectly; boosted my taste buds. 


Asparagus with Oyster Sauce (RM 4.50) – Yes, you can find Chinese food here too! On the saltier side and best to go with a bowl of rice.


Masalla Mutton (RM 7.20) – juicy and succulent lamb cubes but I find it was on a saltier side. The chef might have over seasoned it. 


Chinese Fragrant Fried Rice (RM 6.30)


Fried Mee Sua (RM 6.30) – another signature’s of Malayas Bistro. The flavorsome fried mee sua was neither too dry nor too wet. Just great in between. 


Char Kuey Teow (RM 6.30)


Nasi Goreng Kampung with Petai (RM 6.30) – fragrant with wok hei


Classic Mamak Fried Noodles (RM 6.30) – the mamak’s signature; you can find it here too!


Confinement Ginger Chicken – something warm for our tummies after the massive jam!!!

Finally it’s desserts time. 


Sago Lapis Kelapa (RM 3.80)


Pisang Gula Hangus (RM 3.80)


Chendol with Sago
both Sago Lapis Kelapa and Chendol with Sago were really fragrant with gula melaka and thick coconut milk. If you love Malaysian desserts, you should have a try on these 🙂 

Love the taste of Malaysian cuisine in an authentic way and at the same time, dining in this cozy environment, here is the place for you!

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PS: Photos credits to Brought Up 2 Share

Malayas Bistro
G-9 Capsquare Centre,
No. 7, Persiaran CapSquare,
50100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2691 1616

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6 thoughts on “Malayas Bistro @ CapSquare, KL”

  • somewhere in singapore,

    choi yen,
    ermmm, dear dang wangi area, around herritage asian area. haha, it took me some times to figure our where it is.

    thanks and photos in this post credit to chris from brought up 2 share

  • 路人甲,
    a place serving good malaysian cuisine with fascinating environment. pay a visit and let me know how'd u feel about it 🙂

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