Ninja Joe @ The Gardens

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When you have limited time for lunch, fast food is the quick way to satisfy your tummy.

I know, this is not something new to you. But, it is something new to me or us (with Chris&Christine) and it finally arrives in KL (other outlets: Sunway Pyramid and Tropicana City mall)


Ninja Joe is the name



Teriyaki Ninja – with one juicy pork patty, a slice of tomato and only one thin slice of lettuce; dressed with teriyaki sauce. I thought teriyaki sauce will be in dark colour, but this one was in light yellowish and tasted sweet. 

Solo ninja – RM 5.90
2 ninjas – RM 9.90
3 ninjas – RM 12.90
6 ninjas – RM 23.90

Of course, the more you purchase, the cheaper per burger costs. And Ninja Joe offers burger in 6 different flavours: Original, Oriental, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Sweet&Sour and Spicy


The Big Boss (RM 8.50) – with juicy pork patty, onion, tomato, lettuce and an egg. 


add fries and a drink of your choice at only RM 3.90 with any purchase of burger. 


Tanto (RM 4.90) – fried tofu with pork fillings. 


I love this; crispy on the golden outside and soft fluffy inside with minced meat and tofu and carrot and other ingredients.

I enjoyed my pork burger a lot. The pork patty was really juicy and well seasoned, grilled to perfection. Just a small complain – the serving size is small! If you have a larger appetite, I bet this solo burger may not able to fully-filled your tummy.

I tried out few Ninjas 2 days ago. For the Spicy Ninja, the pork patty was covered with chili paste and it was really spicy. The Original Ninja was a little dry as there isn’t any sauce to go with the burger. I love Black Pepper Ninja too, the black pepper sauce was not overpowering with the pepper and the amount was just nice to go with the ninja.  

Heyyyyy-yakkkkk! Ninja, here I come.
Okay, i must say, this is a place to satisfy my sudden crave for pork burger without travelling far. 

Ninja Joe
The Gardens. 

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15 thoughts on “Ninja Joe @ The Gardens”

  • i would definitely love to try this Ninja as well. In fact i love this type of fries thick, fat and juicy!!

  • Tried once at Tropicana Mall, serving really small, suitable as snack for me, haha^^

    The tofu thingie is new item? Don't have this when my last visit wor…

  • somewhere in singapore,
    haha 🙂 i think singapore got lots of chain like this???

    do try out if you love juicy pork patty. but the serving size is bit small.

    have a try 🙂

    choi yen,
    tanto is new item on the menu. they are going to have more new items up soon! hehe. there is going to be bruce or something on the menu 🙂
    ya lor, serving portion small. have to take 2 burgers, or finish up the fries only ngam ngam

  • WyYv,
    the pork patty is indeed juicy but not that big actually. yep, i do love the logo, super cute one!

  • Oh nice! Smaller portion so that one can try a few flavours! Hehe.. I haven't tried this too but Saucer said it's not bad 🙂

  • Hmm…pork burger in The Gardens huh. Why I never bump into Ninja Joe one when I go there? But look quite small wor the burger.

  • witch,
    agree, can try different variety.

    hehe 🙂 you are welcome.

    simon seow,
    just newly open for business.
    yeah, the burger is quite small lorrr but the pork patty is good


    got some other new (coming soon) on the menu. it's Bruce something.

  • I saw this place when I went to The Gardens last week. Love all the quirky names of the burgers 🙂

  • From here, i seen a lot of new picture. So, i would like to say thanks for given great article on here.

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