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A great cuppa on the rainy chilling night …


I hope you would not get bored with my weekly routine. Yes again, at least one great cup of coffee weekly. Bumped into kampungboycitygal one day after dinner, we then hopped over to a coffee place that is newly discovered and recommended by Chris.



Coffee Société, titled as the Top 3 Best Places for Coffee by TimeOut KL 2012; serving their brews made with their own blend of coffee beans. The café is decorated in a very cosy way, very pleasant and comfy as if we felt we were somewhere, out of the city, out of Malaysia. Well, that’s how the café’s owner, Kar Wai wants it to be. He told us that he misses Melbourne and decided to bring the concept back to Malaysia.








As the Christmas is around the corner, the atmosphere is even cosier than usual. A Christmas tree is put up and Christmas décors are everywhere.



Flat white (Rm 7.90) came milky, frothy and velvety smooth. Love the almost invisible saltiness (still present but the lightly salty taste) of the micro foam that touched right on the tongue. Hmm, a pretty decent cup of flat white and a memorable one.


Cappuccino (Rm 7.90) with very pretty latte art; frothy and aromatic!


Tiramisu, great to go with the drink, will be perfect if it had more moisture in it.


Verdict: Coffee Societe has been doing their coffee quite consistently. At least on my flat white on all my visits (well, I am only on flat white every time). Glad to have more and more coffee place around, will love trying out here and there.


Fancy coffee in the dark? They have this free flow of coffee at Rm 10 nett every Friday and Saturday, from 6 pm till late

Do check out my other favourite coffee places! Coffee Stain, The Brew Culture, and also Top Brew for cappuccino.

Coffee Societe
D4-G3-3A, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

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6 thoughts on “Coffee Societe @ Solaris Dutamas”

  • “Fancy coffee in the dark? They have this free flow of coffee at Rm 10 nett every Friday and Saturday, from 6 pm till late”

    I’m always envious of people who can drink coffee at night. I can’t even drink it in the “late afternoons” otherwise won’t be able to sleep. Not sure if it is actually the caffeine or due to some mental / placebo effect though lol.

    • hmm, which type of coffee you normally had? perhaps it’s because of the beans and the brewing method that makes you insomnia. I used to have insomnia after coffee even at late afternoons. well, i have found the right placesss for coffee, and there gone my insomnia-after-coffee. hehe

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