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The message tone rang right at mid night.

I got a message from Sugar Bean, at mid night, asked me to do them a favour. They were lucky as I was still in front of my laptop. I googled the location of Beard Papa in London, and even sent them the day’s flavour. Oh god… that sms was killing. They made me craved for Beard Papa’s Cream Puff at midnight!

Felt lucky as the next day afternoon I was in Pavilion KL.

Beard papa’s counter at food republic, Pavilion KL.

Freshly baked puff pastry

Green Tea Cream Puff. The puff is priced at RM 3.80 per piece. It is a little expensive but definitely a worth for the once a while ‘splurge’. Besides green tea flavour, they do have other flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, and black sesame. I wanted to try the black sesame but it was not on the day’s flavour.

Beard papa’s cream puff is the light and crunchy puff pastry. It is filled with their original custard and whipped cream blended with Premium Japanese Green Tea. Finally, it is sprinkled with green tea powder. I learnt that the choux pastry shells are made up of 2 layers. The inner layer is choux pastry shell while the outer later is piecrust.

That’s the combination of ‘crispy’ and ‘creamy’

They claim that the cream puffs contain no preservative and use only highest quality of ingredients to make those cream puffs. Hence, the puffs are best eaten immediately or refrigerate and consume the puffs within 24 hours.

Gladly, the Green Tea Cream Puff satisfied my craves.

Click here for more information.

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25 thoughts on “Beard Papa’s @ Pavilion KL”

  • i still feel the vanilla/ori flavour's the best.
    very creamy, very light and very refreshiing.

    wait, it's infectious! now google me an Ipoh branch … 😉

  • Look at this cream puff, remind me long time did not bake for my kids, need to find one day to bake it again. I think the price is reasonable, it is quite tedious to bake puff.

  • j2kfm,
    is there ipoh branch too?! i din know that. haha…
    ya, the original flavor is still the best. love it as it does not have strong vanilin flavour. 😛

    you made cream puff for kids??? wow! do you post them up??? wanna try it out but it's super hard to make a good one.

  • Hahahaha! Scary! You even take a photo of my sms!! Aaaaah! Ok, it's midnight now, and I'm craving for beard papa too! Haha, will this ever end?? Hahahaha!

  • yeah, i used to love beard papa back when it first opened in mid valley, i think… one piece is never enuff! 😀

  • sugar bean,
    it's mid night now, don't make me craving for that. because i am not able to grab one by tomorrow. Aw… you are killing me again…

    true, i agree on what you said. one piece is never enough!!!
    i once had 3 in a row. Yum

  • Oh, the cream puff looks yummy! Give me a Vanilla flavor's, please! Now you make me crave for it.

  • I have never been in that place but I am happy that you have shared with us the photos. I enjoyed being here in your blog. 🙂

  • i had a mini puff before (they gave out for passers-by). it was really good with just a bite, but i guess not more than that. maybe it's just me, i don't like creamy stuff. lol

  • Now, I'm drooling! The cream puff looks tasty and I'll have to choose chocolate flavor since I'm a chocoholic. 🙂

  • aha! this was the story u was telling us that day! haha global sms is expensive man. oh no, now you making me crave for it too! :))

  • little inbox,
    LOL, i dun mean to do so. dun blame at me. blame on ur tummy n the crave that popped in ur mind. 😛

    hihi, welcome to my blog and hope you enjoy reading 🙂

    hmmm, it depends on individual lor. but this is only for a once a while treat. cannot have it everyday ar…

  • asian traveler,
    you love the chocholate too? i used to choose the chocolate flavour whenever i lined on beard papa. since there is green tea now, i opt for it =D

    haha, yep, this is what i am talking about. 😛
    what to do?! bestfriend needs help, no matter how, will help them de. even if i m asleep 😛

    kekeke, heart the puff always 🙂

  • christine,
    is it? chris loves this too?! i thought most guys dislike creamy and stuffy stuff like this puff. haha…

    so, do u like it?

  • I luv 'em too! Last time only the original flavour, now *kaboom*, got greentea, etc.
    well..choices choices urghh.. *tummy expanding*

    thks for the tip on choux pastry..didnt knw tht!
    wahh.. u muz go try the Kafe Happy Meal one, durian cream ok!

  • thenomadgourmand,
    i must really visit the happy Meal kafe. you guys raved a lot about the pastry there. but durian is not my cup of tea. perhaps, i will take a bite 🙂

    listed to the must visit list 😛

    hahaha, i didn;t make u crave for it o… dun blame on me 😛

    wilson ng,
    if u love cream and love puff and love desserts, you will love it 🙂

    yep, me too, keep thinking how good is the black sesame version. aiksss… din get to have it everytime i paid my visit at beard papa's

  • taufulou,
    me too me too!!! and it really have to depends in mood for the crave.

    The envoy,
    hmmm, have a try and let me know if you love it???

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