Cassava Raisin Cake

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I was in the kitchen again with my mum to create this wonderful cassava raisin cake (木薯葡萄干蛋糕) this afternoon. That’s the recipe we got from the newspaper and so happened that my aunt brought us a huge cassava, a kind of tropical plant. This time I was going to be an assistant to weight the ingredients and preparing the oven and stuff. As we needed only 250grams of cassava paste, we used the left over cassava to make the pan-fried cassava (煎木薯糕). In the end, we have 2 dishes made from cassava. ^.^

The freshly bake cake

Look at the texture and the colour of the cake, soft and fluffy in the golden yellow. The cake smell great as there are huge amount of eggs inside.

pan-fried cassava

Recipe for cassava raisin cake (木薯葡萄干蛋糕)
Butter 250g
Castor sugar 150g
Eggs 6
Cassava paste 250g
Self raising flour 200g
Raisin 60g
Beat the butter and castor sugar until white and fluffy.
Eggs are added one by one into the mixture.
Add in cassava paste and lastly the self raising flour.
Mix them up evenly.
Raisins are added before sending them into the oven.
Then, bake at 170°C for 45minutes.

Margarine can be a substitute for butter if you dislike butter.

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