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It is father’s day today. As usual, we don’t have regular celebration for daddy each year. We just hate it because all restaurants are crowded and the menus are always pricey on this special day. Instead, three of us (me and two of my brothers) went for a lunch. Three of us are Japanese food lovers especially my youngest brother. He always asks me to bring him to Genki Sushi, Oh! Sushi, Nippon Tei… but I always turn him down because I am too lazy to drive him out. Besides that, he is a very noisy person. Oh boy! He can talk non-stop-ly from morning till night. I just don’t know how to bear with him. When I don’t answer him (cz I am all the time paying ¼ attention to listen to him), I will be scolded by him. Sigh…

Here we are today… having a wonderful lunch (and finally, I got him—my youngest brother a Japanese meal)in Ichiban Ramen, the Japanese noodle house. I have come here for times and tired on various ramen. This is my first time coming with my brothers.
Brother opted for kimuchi ramen (RM 13.90).

I ordered hiyashi chuka (RM12.90) which is a cold dish of ramen topped with lots of seaweeds, carrots, egg slices, crabsticks, two tempura ebi (fried prawns)… I din have the chance to taste the ebi because they are snapped by brothers once my plate of ramen served.

Youngest bro selected fried rice set (RM 10.90) with fried rice, jap style fried chicken, miso soup, fruit, and green tea. I have no idea why he wanted fried rice since we are in the ramen restaurant?!

I like my youngest brother a lot. He is CUTE but very super extremely NOISY
Both my brothers are very good in food tasting. They have very sensitive taste buds. And when I asked them how is the food. They just told me not in their expectations. Very well, the food in this noodle house is not at my expectation either. The food tastes so so only. They can just fill up my stomach but can’t satisfy my taste buds. Sigh… this meal doesn’t really satisfy my youngest bro. he wants me to bring him to secret recipe again next week. *faint*
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5 thoughts on “Ichiban Ramen”

  • Ichiban? Been there once.. the food: Ok ler! *smiles* and didn’t know that ur bro is soooo noisy! Is he? and… I’ve heard that there’s a new japanese restaurant opened not long ago in 1 Utama.. “Sushi Groove”. Wanna give it a go?? Ask me along ya!!

  • Want want want!!!
    yeah… i hve heard of sushi Groove. when are you free?! let’s hang out and eat out!


  • I just read this post about Ichiban Ramen (English translation would be "Ramen Number One").

    I live in Seremban and the only japanese restaurants around here is Sushi King and Ichiban Ramen at Jusco Seremban 2. Also sushis are sold at Tesco Extra Seremban.

    This evening I may be going out with my family to Jusco and I'm wondering whether I should go to Sushi King or Ichiban Ramen.

  • keinaf,
    sushi king and ichiban ramen both serve different things. sushi king serves sushi while ichiban ramen serves ramen. i guess you can choose according to you and your family preferences. ichiban ramen serves hot piping while sushi king has something raw

  • I prefer sushi king. Actually I went to both.

    At Sushi King, usually during holidays the place is full so I'll have to wait to get a seat.

    While Ichiban Ramen only has a few customers and during holidays they'll be many customers but the place won't be full.

    I went to sushi king instead because I like something raw.

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