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Hooray, the final paper has just ended. That’s PNS- peripheral nervous system and I just don’t really like this subject as it covers physiology, pharmacotherapy, basic medicine chemistry and the clinical part. Part of it, I like only medicine chemistry part. Well, it is all over now and I have no idea what I have written for the paper. This might be due to the lack of sleep and I see blur blur screen in front of me now @.@

Alright, I am very happy cz back in my normal life now. Hehehe… now gotta blog on what I haven’t blog weeks ago.


07 June 2007
Working for CityNeon on SMIDEX 2007, KLcc — Day 4

Today is my forth day on my duty. My job for the final 2 days starts at 9am and end at 6pm. Phew, finally can go back normal working hours. For the first 3 days, I have to work for 12 to 13 hours daily. I was exhausted once I reached home at 10pm, slept at 1am and the next morning I have to wake up by 6am to prepare myself. No choice because KL’s traffic is always congested in the morning.

Gonna indulge myself with a bit pricey and special food for lunch after long hours work previous days. However, there is not much choice in convention centre and I can’t walk all my way into KLCC cz need to be back at the counter for duty. Instead, I take away from starbucks. Here is the take away of American Bake Cheese cake.

Looks yummy, taste yummy. Just a little bit dissatisfied… the cake is a bit bit dry and not as smooth as before. Or am I too choosy? It is still acceptable cz cheese cake is always my all time favourite.

Although this job is tiring and drive me crazy (sometimes), I find it is interesting. I’d learnt a lot in communication, handling situation, controlling over your emotion and stuff. Surely I will take up this kind of job again if there exhibition and they need temporary staff.

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