The Winter Solstice Festival…


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22 December 2011 – Grayish Blue Sky + rainy cool day…

I have the fan switched off but the is still cold…

What’s great for now?!


A bowl of lovely Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Ball) with hot ginger tea;
to warm my tummy


Skip the tradition this year (ahh, the weather made me lazy!!!), I picked up the pre-packed tang yuan that comes handy.

Happy Winter Solstice Festival, everyone =]

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Happy Winter Solstice Festival to you too!


same goes to you, Wilson :]
happy Winter Solstice Festival

Happy Winter Soltice! With busy life nowadays, prepack tong yuen is the easy option 🙂

happy winter solstice to you too!
yeah, agree with that. prepack tong yuen comes convenient. and yummy too. love the peanut flavour i discovered, it’s a taiwanese brand

DONG ZHI kuai le dear!! 🙂 love ur rice balls. so cute! hehe

Dong Zhi kuai le to you too!
how many tong yun you had today d??? hehe

If you able to make those cute faces on the actual tong yuen it would be super awesome! 😀

haha, i wish i could. the surface is too small for the special effects ar, and after boiling, surely out of shape ar >.<

Happy Winter Solstice Festival and Merry Christmas

So cute! too bad I didn’t get the chance to eat tong yuen this year 🙁 Happy holidays!

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